Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - SEPTEMBER

It’s much more crazy seeing you here then it is him.


Name of Contract: One Night in Bangkok
Contract ID: 3-08-4878315-28
Platform: XBOX One
Location: Bangkok, Thailand (Club 27)

They say that chess is a game of strategy, of wits, and of tactics. Of which you have all.
In two days time, the Himmapan will host an international chess competition and some of the better players have already arrived. The client has requested their elimination, to… give him a better chance.
Best of luck, 47.

*NOTE that the in-game briefing is slightly different. Its really hard to write on XBOX. Anyways, hopefully IO can change that (if it’s featured, and here’s hoping).

Why the contract should be featured:
Well… first off, it is my first attempt at featured contract (and my first post on here, Yay!), but it also requires tactics to get a fast Silent Assassin run. I chose chess because it requires skill, tactics, and focus, much like Hitman. It ties in with ‘Competitive Edge’ with the client requesting the elimination of the players most likely to beat him (and in fact, I kind of hate the client).
And, I got a great Fiber Wire kill on the Dr.

The name of the contract is the name of the achievement gotten upon acheiving Mastery lvl 20 on Bangkok, but moreso the name of a song, which was in a musical called Chess!

And it would make me very happy if it got featured :wink:

NOTE The doctor has a quite meh routine, but after bumping into him (he will drop his wine), then you can get some more interesting kills.

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Yes yes yes yes yes.

“You know what it takes to be an assassin? It takes brass balls to be an assassin.”



[Complication: Do not change your disguise at any time during the mission]

Name of Contract: Unsuccessful Spies
Contract ID 1-24-5740192-97
Platform: PC
Location: New York, USA

Why the contract should be featured:
The contract itself is a little puzzle: you need in a disguised disguise (or almost) in closed areas, which only employees have access to. There is only one condition in this contract - do not change the suit of the rabbit. And even then it is not obligatory. I did not become wise and did not do certain methods of killing targets. One condition is to do it in a rabbit suit.
As for the targets: Karen - is located farthest from the starting point, namely on the director’s floor. She has a lot of dialogues and at least 3 methods of killing. I like to make goals that are somehow related to the mission plot or targets. Karen fits this position because she is looking for a missing report, which is a big part of one of the story missions.
Frank is an interesting target! Since it has a very large and diverse route, where there are also many ways to eliminate it.
Kevin - he is also part of the story trial, where you need to get a job at the bank.

P.S let’s look at this cute bunny and accept this contract, I promise he will not kill anymore)))


This was nice. Heavily recommended.

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Name of Contract: Assassin’s Signature
Contract ID: 1-02-5343083-84
Platform: PC
Location: Paris

Why the contract should be featured:
It should be presented because the briefing matches the theme and I would be curious to know how the players will go about it.

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If a player does not have 15 skill level in the bank?

Then they need to re-evaluate their life


All the PS4 contracts thus far


2 03 0773868 62





EDIT: New ones. No more after these.
No ID. Search for: a competition in the bank

  1. Awesome contract. The time limit makes things super exciting.

  2. One thing i love is that this contract is super RNG. It’s hardly ever the same on each playthrough. This is because when you release the block via crane onto the barge, A DIFFERENT PERSON ALMOST ALWAYS GOES INVESTIGATE. Hence changing the strategies dramatically. Sometimes, NOBODY goes investigate the crash on the barge!!

  3. Huge replayability in my opinion. Esp given point 2.

  4. Pls note. Restrictions that “make you fail the mission immediately” are a bone of contention on this forum. A few people like it, some people hate it, because it’s such a huge waste of time.

If i do something wrong, i fail immediately, and i have to go back to the beginning, and do everything all over again up until that point…huge waste of time man. I just dont think “fail immediately” restrictions add anything fun to the game.

Just my opinion. It’s a good thing your contract was so fun. i was able to overcome my frustration at the stupid fail immediately restriction and continue playing :slight_smile:

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I tend to get frustrated by it as well, but adding it in makes it feel a little more like an escalation level, at least for me.

Thanks for the praise! And equally the criticism, both are always welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


I was not ready for such questions (

Name of Contract: Corporate Espionage

Contract ID: 3-03-5279003-25

Platform: Xbox One

Location: Sapienza

A rival company is tired of the Ether Biotech Corporation’s lack of ethics and suspects that something is afoot. Set back Ether’s research to cause their stock to crash.

Why is should be featured:
Probably not the most original contract, but I was messing around and decided to make a contract. A small contract to help out a rival company get an edge over Ether. I can’t select the acid crates as kill method, had to use the condition. Also, due to Hitman 2’s SA requirements, added the optional condition of “No bodies”.

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Name of Contract: Split-Apart

Contract ID: 3-03-7358646-25

Platform: Xbox One

Location: Sapienza

Silvio Caruso is tired of being reject by women for other men. A deep seeded hatred of women planted by his deceased mother, Caruso wants the ICA to eliminate these former crushes and their current lovers. Feeling betrayed, he wants the women, who he perceives stabbed him in the back, to know how he feels, and has provided a special gift for his golf instructor that we have left for you to collect in the safe house. Caruso has asked us to be discreet so he is connected to their murders.

Why it should be featured:
Tying into the months theme of rivals and the competitive edge for the contracts, eliminate the competition for the love of your life with an edged weapon. But do you really win if you take out the prize as well? Decided to mix it up a bit an use the golf ball for Roberto, a shame to can’t specify the type of explosive device.

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Name of Contract: Accidents Will Happen

Contract ID: 3-04-2978322-25

Platform: Xbox One

Location: Marrakesh - Sapienza- Landslide

Marco Abiatti wants two liberal kingmakers in Sapienza eliminated before they can select a candidate to challenge him in the upcoming election. The same targets want Abiatti and his kingmaker taken out to draw support away from the conservative side to their candidate. And both sides want to make sure that suspicions are low in the public by having the targets eliminated in accidents. As both sides paid in advance, let’s give Sapienza a fair chance to decide their own political future.

Why the contract should be featured:
Both sides want to win the election that they will kill for it. Rivals trying to edge over each other through murder.

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Name of Contract AR Gone Too Far
Contract ID 2-24-8344929-54
Platform PS4
Location New York
Description/Briefing Roy and Joss like to play this Augmented Reality game called Rainbow Booty by Curious Adventures. Sometimes they get too excited and start to battle it out with pillows.

Anyways, our client has asked us to frame these incidents on the target himself, Joss the Flappy. Considering there are sedative guns and other drugs lying around, and an AR game been played too much, forensic scientists and prosecutors will most likely prove Joss guilty.

Why the contract should be featured




Name of Contract: I’m the Better Assassin
Contract ID: 1-07-6483063-08
Platform: PC
Location: Marrakesh (A House Built on Sand)


Apparently there’s this brotherhood of assassins who run around climbing buildings in their lame hoodies and assassinating people with their tiny knives. Pffpfpfffpff what a bunch of tools. They’re not real assassins.
Show them that you are the superior assassin by taking them out while wearing your own iconic outfit (the suit), and do it with your own signature weapon (the fibre wire).

Why the contract should be featured: I’ve wanted to make a fibre wire contract for a while, and I think this is a good one. The targets are pretty spread out on the map, so you can choose which target you want to kill first. All targets are surrounded by at least one potential witness, so taking them out won’t be easy. This contract fits with the theme of you competing with rival assassins and showing that your signature outfit and weapon is better than theirs. And the most important reason to feature this contract is that Hitman is better than Assassin’s Creed.

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Name of Contract To Be, or Not to Be
Contract ID 2-13-8820162-33
Platform PS4
Location Mumbai

Why the contract should be featured I think my contract should be featured because, even though it is loosely based on the competitive edge theme, the four targets I chose require a little bit of thought. However, there are no complications for this, so if you want to just kill them all you can easily do that.


A contract I originally made at release, but it happened to fit this month’s theme perfectly already.

Name of Contract: Unfair Competition
Contract ID: 1-13-4390852-83 / 1-13-7488657-83 (Required Train Exit Version)
Platform: PC
Location: Mumbai - Chasing a Ghost
Why the contract should be featured: This is a gimmick contract where you have to kill all 5 taxi drivers that offer you to exit the map when you complete your objectives.
It fits perfectly the theme as you’re working for their main competitor, the train company. The contract originally required the train exit but I decided to remake it without that complication because it broke its flow.

The challenge here is not killing all targets - this is actually pretty straightforward, and there are many accident kills available around them: puddles, signboards, motorcycles or even more obviously, their own tuk-tuk. However it is very interesting to optimise your route in a speedrun.
You have to consider what starting location is the best, learn to navigate in the slums, and find an extraction point - remember that this contract requires you to technically erase available exits by killing the drivers!
Five targets might seem a lot at first, but as I said, they are easy to kill individually, and since they are spread out it really means people will have to try their hardest to get the best time possible, and it’s likely every player will find their own unique method to beat the contract. It also limits lethal poison/ICA Electrocution Phone cheesing to only 2-3 targets at most.

I’d advise trying only the version without required exit since it plays much better, but if you think the latter fits the theme slightly better, I can’t prevent you from looking at it…


Hey @Sniff, your Contract ID for your submission, Erich Soders’ Superiority Complex doesn’t exist. It is actually 2-10-7910723-26.

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