Official HITMAN 2 themed Featured Contracts - SEPTEMBER

Name of Contract: The Covert Dispersal
Platform: PC
Contract ID: 1-22-968973-95
Location: Whittleton Creek
47, we’ve recently spotted a so-called “escalation” that appears to involve nothing more than killing these three targets; no disguise or weapon restrictions, no complications - nothing.

We believe that this contract is a superior version of this escalation (despite being identical in every way) and have full confidence that it will be featured.
Why the contract should be featured:
I’m directly competing with an escalation, and I think being able to go straight to level 3 is much better than being forced to do levels 1 and 2. Also meme value.


47 the muffin man
Whittleton creek
Briefing: Good morning 47 your target is Helen West her muffins have been entered into a baking competition, we have been asked to take her out so rocco can win.

Its really fun and creative I think and it’s the first one I’ve done

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Name of Contract
Frank’s Last Day At Work. Literally.

Contract ID


New York Golden Handshake

47, Frank Winkelman sucks at his job. In the bank there are criminals like unethical bankers and even bank robbers.

Frank might be too old for this shhh but you are not 47. Replace Frank as the new security guard and eliminate all targets.

It is Frank’s last day on the job so you may retire him as well 47. Show this rent-a-cop you are superior to him as bank security.

Frank Winkelman. Any method any disguise.
Ray Poyner (banker near the vault in deposit locker room). Combat knife melee, as Security Guard.
Tory Litchfield (banker near the vault in deposit locker room). Concealable knife melee, as Security Guard.
Fabian Mann. Sniper Rifle, as Security Guard.
Sugar Squirrel. Shotgun, as Security Guard.

No Pacifications.
Time limit 13 minutes.
No bodies found.
No recordings.

Why the contract should be featured

  1. A bit of a puzzle level.
  2. At least a few times here where players need to think outside the box, in order to adhere to the no restrictions.
  3. Time limit keeps things fun. It’s not a strict time limit either.
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Nice. Had to use my brain meats for this one.
Was a little bored when I played the level the first time.
Was less bored when I realised these “classy” people had no issue vomiting into a container right in public. Had to switch it up the second time.

@Helichrome Cool description, cool premise, good targets picked because they are in an area probably not well explored by many. Nice choice of assault rifle kill. Death by falling object is hard for me. Have yet to pull it off. I will try a few more times. But really nice contract with many features that keep this interesting and “difficult”, even though this is “just” an ica training facility map.

@Fury_Cutter_inc Fuck Heidi. Storming off in a huff at every little distraction. Made me waste so much time. I also had fun running back and forth between the targets and the party room.

Name of Contract: Give the Competition the Edge
Contract ID: 2-11-5596036-02
Platform: PS4
Location: Miami
Welcome to Miami, 47.
Teams Thwack, Aeon, and Sotteraneo have grown tried of fighting for third place and have hired us to give them a stab at the cup. They’ve requested you start a war between their competitors by eliminating the lead drivers and key mechanics for teams Kronstadt and Kowoon while disguised as a member of the opposing team.
Good luck. I’ll leave you to prepare.
Why the contract should be featured:
The contract fits the theme of Competitive Edge by focusing on and amplifying a competition that already exists narratively, briefing the player on the idea of granting a figurative competitive edge, and uses all edged weapons. It allows the player to take advantage of some of the scripted events in the level by using a couple heavily scripted targets and also throws in some extras for some more freeform kills.

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Name of Contract Executive Punchlist
Contract ID 1-11-1615878-22
Platform PC
Location Miami
Meetings are boring. How about a little brian storming?
Fun ideas:

  • adding some bullets to the punch list?
  • execute some executives?
  • paint the floor with a colleague’s mind map?
  • team event: Blood Borthers!

…okay, time’s up. Now show us what you are made of.

Why the contract should be featured
Business is serious business. You only make it to the top if you kill your colleagues. That’s competitive edge. (Targets are the office drones in the Kronstadt meeting room)
4 targets, no kill conditions. Never spotted, no subdues and no bodies found as optional compliactions. Freedom of approach meets creativity meets speedrun.

Name of Contract Framing Moses Lee
Contract ID 1-11-4982203-22
Platform PC
Location Miami
Welcome back to Miami, 47.
Our client, a U.S. based arms dealer with an aversion to Asia, intends to take a hit on Kowloon Heavy Industries. One of the attacks is on Kowloon’s racing business.
The client intends to frame Moses Lee for excessive doping. Therefore, the client provides a fake nurse that will manipulate Lee’s drug test sample in the lab.
Your job is to create a nurse shortage around the racetrack, so the clients agent can fill the ranks. Keep it low key, make it look like accidents.
Why the contract should be featured
All accidents, no further restrictions except only targets and never spotted (both optional). Theme and description fit like a glove.

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Name of contract Shooting competitors
Contract ID 2-09-8452371-14
Platform PS4
Location Colorado/Freedom Fighters
Description/Briefing On photo
Why this contract should be featured

Go to the contract. Gameplay is a wonderful and complex puzzle. For a beginner, this is an excellent level to start the game. After finding the plan, the contract takes 5-7 minutes. The chosen goals are strange at first glance, but they are perfect for solving the puzzle. If you are interested in a way out: it’s an ATV, but it’s a spoiler. The contract can hardly be completed without having the skill levels, but it seems to me that those who have already completed this mission will play it.

“Theme and plot”

The plot of this contract is more comic than with an incredible plot. I think this contract PERFECTLY fits the topic. In it speedranners (competitors) can find so many paths to pass… that rivalry is perfect. In this contract, two shooters check which of them shoots best, because of their equal strength, they asked each other to kill one another and this is the plot of the contract. It is not complicated and funny, suitable for the theme.


Played it on PS4 Really good contract


Name of Contract Romancing the Stone-Hearted
Contract ID 2-12-4296902-09
Platform PS4
LocationSanta Fortuna
Hector Delgado is a fool in love. He knows that if he can just get a clear shot, he can crack the stone heart of Andrea Martinez.

But he must have your help by removing his competition and roadblocks before delivering his letter.

There are two men Hector believes are trying to woo his love. One of her bodyguards, Lauro Soleno and the Foreman Argeo Rodriguez.

As well, Andrea’s assistant, Paola screens all of Hector’s gifts and correspondence.

Make them all quietly disappear, 47.

Why the contract should be featured
Hector needs all the “competitive edge” he can get in the form of Agent 47. By eliminating the competition as well as removing all roadblocks to Andrea Martinez, he may finally rekindle his relationship with her.

Well, probably not… This is Hector we are talking about. He can’t even find his love letter… (Unless you opt to recover and deliver it for him as well, lending to some RPing options)


Name of Contract [email protected] Battle
Contract ID 2-02-0840526-00
Platform PS4
Location Paris
He bold. You too.
He bald…You too…
He thinks he is better than you (I’m not sure about that, but at least we are gonna pretend)
Eliminate Le Gars in order to establish dominance amongst the [email protected]
Why the contract should be featured idk, i’m just hoping to see some speedruns videos with this contract :grimacing:


Wow only one Xbox submission in two days! I got three that are perfect for this theme!

Shooting Competitors, SA, 04:33

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Romancing The Stone-Hearted SA 03:54 By @Strongblade

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Wow… nicely done PEA.

Name of Contact: Braveheart
Contract ID: 2-21-1858919-05
Platform: PS4
Location: Isle of Sgail- Ark Society
The client, War Lord Bergmann, woke up from a two-century long coma. Informed both armors and medieval weapons were sold on the black market to a group of art smugglers, Bergman asks you, 47, to finish off the war.
The Icelandic realm used to fight a bloody war against a pirate creed called the Death Masks. The presence of these masks on Sgail soil is likely to bring hollow to the land.
Requirement is to use only medieval methods of assassination.
Note says: “Exit by fading to black, 47”.

Why the contract should be featured

*It requires from the player to use one of the coolest disguises in the game, the Knight Armor.
*The contract has 2 phases:
-the first phase is to climb unseen to the top of the glass cube to retrieve War Lord Bergmann’s knight armor.
-second phase is to brutally kill all 4 targets with medieval methods of assassination: swords, axes, maces, chandelier drops and poison.
*Exit strategy is original since it almost forces the player to dress up as a Blind Musician to exit the murder scene unseen adding a little spice to the gameplay by fading all colours to black, grey.
*Player can kill very brutally 2 of the targets next to the musician without being noticed or seen by the Blinded Musician due to his disabilities
*The contract can be completed on Silent Assassin
*The contract has 4 targets but they are close to each other making the contract achievable in less than 10-20 min.
*The contract fits the Competitive Edge theme since the context of the contract revolves around an unfinished War against a royal army and a pirate creed competing for land and resources on Sgail. The contract is all about being on the edge since it requires to climb up all the way to the top…on edge because it requires to complete most of the contract by wearing a challenging costume and assassinating targets in tight spaces.

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Name of Contract: Employee of the Month
Contract ID: 1-16-5821817-14
Platform: PC
Location: Bangkok (The Source)
Briefing: "The Himmapan Hotel’s employees take the prestigious Employee of the Month award very seriously and are willing to go to extreme lengths to be chosen.

Our client has hired us to eliminate four of his well-performing colleagues, who have a competitive edge over him.

He requests, to avoid suspicion, that you do not use disguises and that you hide all bodies. He is also offering a bonus to kill his rivals using a sharp object.

Seems they’ll soon be experiencing a very different kind of edge… "

Why the contract should be featured:

  • It fits the theme of competitive edge quite well. One of the hotel’s employees wants to be employee of the month, and seeks to eliminate the other rival employees that have an advantage over him. Additionally, it also makes a rather literal interpretation of “edge” through use of lethal melee.
  • Trying to navigate the hotel Suit Only is a challenge in and of itself, which provides an interesting twist/challenge on what would otherwise be a pretty straightforward contract. Most of the targets are subsequently found in Trespassing areas.
  • The sort of melee weapon the player wishes to use is their choice. There are many options available such as screwdrivers, kitchen knives, meat cleavers, fire axes (etc). Or if the player would prefer to smuggle in their own items, that is also a valid approach. In addition, most of the targets can be found near to where a lethal melee weapon can be found, so there shouldn’t be too much annoying item-hunting.
  • The contract isn’t too long, though should still be a good challenge. A decently fast run would probably take around 5 or 6 minutes.
  • Silent Assassin is very possible, but should be a decent challenge. The player will probably need to know how to navigate the hotel without a disguise if they want to succeed.
  • Patient Zero Bangkok is a really underused/underappreciated map that needs more love.