Official HMF Bangkok Playthroughs thread


The idea behind this thread is quite simple, it’s to gather all Playthroughs in once place. Here you will be able to discuss playthroughs of all sorts, all from Suit only, to speed runs. Share your world of Assassination.

There exist threads like this for previous released levels.

Right now we just need to wait for the level to be released.

Bangkok - Sniper Assassin, SA/SO:
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Looking forward to seeing the first SA/SO can’t be easy.

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Working on it! God, it’s a hard one!

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Yeah, I don’t even see how to do this suit only yet. I can’t get to the studio in the suit. Really restrictive options, vertically, since they made it nearly impossible to use the pipes that actually lead anywhere useful. I feel like I’m in Marrakesh again, honestly.

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I can get to the second-to-top floor, where all the recording guys are, but I can’t seem to be able to get to the very top floor with the suit. Even getting to the third floor requires some luck.


Escalation in Bangkok


Accident kill on Ken Morgan :joy::sweat_smile::smile::laughing:.


Club 27 SA/SO


SA/SO with poison in 4:30


SA Run in 1:31


You guys have mastered exploiting every part of the game haven’t you nice work. I just don’t see how shooting legs and knocking out enemies combined with running past everyone crouching could be classed as silent assassin :sweat_smile:. Yes obviously you guys are achieving the rank but it’s far from silent assassin IMO :yum::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

I’m just jealous because I suck and can’t pull of those super fast leg shots haha.

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Haha no one really saw anything though, and that’s what counts :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m hoping you guys come up with a less hectic way to do it as I suck at this rushing around stuff :smile:.


this mission looks really restricted. at least for suit only runs.

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Silent Assassin has never had anything to do with actual noise in any of the games. When you achieve the rank, it’s Silent Assassin.


The Somsak Equation Lv. 5 SA (3:15)

Funny thing about this strat is that it’s actually consistant, but it took me a lot of tries because there are really close calls, like dropping a coin in front of the guy that’s about to enter the room, and one of the cheff can start staring at you if he sees you dropping a coin.

Also, new trick! (At 0:21) to drop 2 coins at the same time (or even 3, or all the coins you have if you want), place a coin and press G during the placement animation, the number of times you press G is the number of extra coins you’ll drop.

And the “Fetch trick” at 1:10, throw a duck/coin/fe, let it bounce at least once, quickly pick it up and throw it again, the npc that heard it will go find it where you threw it (unless you throw it very far away like from Paris’ 2nd floor to the ground).


Saw some other similar runs after recording this and thought about deleting it, but I posted it anyway just so I can have new content up, lol


I never actually mentioned noise :neutral_face: I referred to leg shooting and running past people would should see you but in game do not. I did say you got the rank and that I was just jealous I’m not as skilled wasn’t a dig or anything :slightly_smiling_face:.


SA/SO coconut + push