Official HMF Colorado Playthroughs thread


The idea behind this thread is quite simple, it’s to gather all Playthroughs in once place. Here you will be able to discuss playthroughs of all sorts, all from Suit only, to speed runs. Share your world of Assassination.

There exist threads like this for previous released levels.

Kill Everyone Challenge in Colorado
Official HMF Hokkaido Playthroughs thread


Freedom Fighters SA by FortheSeven



Freedom Fighters SA 2:24 by FortheSeven




Freedom Fighters SA (2:04)


That is one awesome run mate well done.


First run on Colorado.

21 Challenges completed (including Perfect Alibi) for 59K Mastery

-Quite Technical
-Crushed It
-Assume the Position
-Pill Pusher
-Bouncing Betty
-Tongue Tied
-Oh Burn!
-Carpet Bombing
-Perfect Alibi
-Factory Recall
-Face Off
-Long Way Out
-Someone Could Hurt Themselves
-Silent Assassin
-No Evidence
-The Commander
-The Interrogator
-The Instructor
-The Analyst



I would like to see a run where you aren’t constantly a second from getting spotted mine was the same it seems the only way.


It’s been said you can’t do “Watch Your Six” Silent Assassin, at least that’s what I was told people were saying, but not sure why cause it’s very doable.

-Take Point
-Point Man
-Watch Your Six
-Just Pointless
-Badge of Dishonor
-The Audition
-Wild Rose
-Mowed Down




Freedom Fighters (2:26) SA/SO by FortheSeven



Freedom Fighters SA (1:52) by FortheSeven



My experience was that Maya/Sean would spot you when you fire the ram a second before they die :confused:


I don’t think I will be trying your method anytime soon haha.




My playthrought of Freedom fighters. It’s a bit long so it’s two videos this time :sweat_smile:


Working my way up the leaderboards on PS4 my best time SA is 03.39 and I am currently ranked 10th I will post a run soon its just hard to do it in one save because of the inconsistent lockdowns after accident kills.


it is because people are not taking out the guy to the right of the button. He is the one spotting you, not Maya or Sean.