Official HMF Hawke's Bay Playthroughs thread [SPOILERS]

So I figure this can follow the same format that we applied to Season 1 run throughs. If not feel free to delete thread.

Obviously spoilers.

Had major flashbacks to Absolution with this first mission.

SA/SO/Fiber Wire/Master (4:20)


SA/SO fiber wire in 2:06


Make that 1:39…


Master Difficulty/Suit Only/Silent Assassin/Fibre Wire/No HUD (All Cutscenes included)

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Hawke’s Bay (Master Difficulty): Suit Only (2.38)

If you’re interested, I uploaded an unlisted video of a faster version. However, it uses target lockdown which results in a slightly unpredictable outcome in terms of enforcer movements.Personally, I prefer a smoother more predictable plan with a slower time than a faster time that can only be pulled off around 50% of the time.

Hawke’s Bay (Master Difficulty): Suit Only (2.15) [Unlisted Video]

So what about canabis joint? Is there any way to use it? And those squeze toys? I thought you could call a dog by droping it or something?

The squeeze toy alerts them if you come in through the bathroom window while they’re close by, they’re also just used as distractions. And not sure on the cannabis joint

SA/SO Sniper Assassin on Master.