Official HMF Hokkaido Playthroughs thread


The idea behind this thread is quite simple, it’s to gather all Playthroughs in once place. Here you will be able to discuss playthroughs of all sorts, all from Suit only, to speed runs. Share your world of Assassination.

There exist threads like this for previous released levels.

I just managed to beat Hokkaido Pro Silent Ninja and Sniper Assassin in 1 run with no loaout

Situs Invertus SA/SO (3:33) By FortheSeven


1:22 coming. soon sub 1.


this is the last one with this strat. moving on…


by @fortheseven <3


a jaeger lancer run for all the wallbang lovers!



Did they put wall banging back in?


sadly no. its just to use the jaeger lancer lol.


I thought so but I had hope for a second :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


Nothing special. Only posting it because had not seen it before


forgot to post two more here:

cable car accident

0:58 with FE


Situs Inversus SA (49s)

The idea is to position yourself to the right side of the door so she walks into the blind spot, then the coin stops her and her guards, while also making her turn her back at you when she informs them about the coin, and if you time the attack with the start of her dialogue you get the insta-kill huehuehuehuehue.


Are you shooting his head? If so how are you getting SA?


Uploading new poison strat :grin:


I think I hit him in the torso, but yeah, apparently you can just shoot him and he doesn’t count as a body.


After seeing you poisoning her, I knew I had to try to get it to work.
You can pretty much do everything with this strat: shuriken, fiber wire, etc




Love this latest Episode. You can basically ‘‘Ghost’’ through the whole mission with ease & only need to interact with 1 target…