Official HMF Hokkaido Playthroughs thread



Version 1 Sniper Assassin Challenge with Ninja Disguise Only


The lovely floretta made a sweet edit of hokkaido. Have a look


During your playthroughs of Hokkaido, has anyone come across any mention of Silvio Caruso? His early research included controversial stem cell treatment, which is what GAMA is implementing on Erich Soders.

If there are any geneticists reading this: yes I know that “stem cell treatment” isn’t a unitary concept - I know there’s a plethora of experimental literature on this subject [INSERT CITATION] but I doubt that IOI would use the same treatment type (stressing both times that it’s controversial) without making a link.


Situs Inversus SA/SO 2:29 (Reveal as 47 + Lamp Accident)

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SA/SO No KOs 4:22

My full criteria also includes:

  • No assistance (all gameplay options set to ‘off’, original starting point)
  • No guns or explosives
  • No Loads

I’ve uploaded every level of Hitman 2016 this way, I also have full Absolution SA/SO No KOs, and Blood Money SA/SO.

Japan/Hokkaido discussion thread

My SA/SO playthrought:


Silent Assassin / Suit Only , using the default starting location and no equipment.



One Shot, 2 Kills with a Sniper in Hokkaido.




My No HUD “story” run.

My SA, SO, No KOs, No Distractions, No HUD, Fiber Wire Only run.


My Sniper Assassin, No HUD run.


Got all the rekkys

Situs Inversus:

SA (39s)

SA/SO (47s)

Pro/SA (42s)

Pro/SA/SO (47s)





Situs Inversus Pro/SA/SO


here’s this hokkaido run i just did using C4 explosions, aparently you can explode proximity mines by detonating remote explosives near them:


Of course. It’s like doing a chain reaction with say, FE’s. Anything that will explode, will explode if something else near its proxity is near it. Eg. Dropping a duck in between 2 cars will explode both cars and if a bike is near those cars, it will explode that as well. :grin: