Official HMF Isle of Sgàil Playthroughs Thread

Isle of Sgàil (Master Difficulty): Suit Only (7.07)

This was the toughest most hostile environment by far. This is going to be a wonderful playground for suit only contracts. :scream:

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I just got the notification for your video, I personally found Colorado more challenging for suit only runs

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True actually, I tried to do all Classics at once each map. It worked out here, but not in Colorado.

Still great video! :smiley:

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@SilentWraith: Colorado was the toughest by far for season one, but this map is insanely populated by enforcers. Just about every NPC on the map will see you trespassing and they’re everywhere!

@Urben: I’ve played and enjoyed Colorado so much in the past - I know that makes me a crazy person - so it wasn’t really too difficult for me to do on master difficulty. It’s possibly lack of familiarity with these newer maps, but from my three days with this map I have genuinely found myself struggling to find good routes. I suspect for many this will be the new Colorado of Hitman 2 when it comes to contracts: love or hate, with most hating.

Nah it is a nice map, just a bit confusing and a hart nut to get to certain places. Colorado was just plain hostile with map design way inferior to Sgàil. :smiley:

My route on this map was to find a way into the foilage between Constant’s tower and the main building near the coffin, lure all people there to me and KO them so I can lure the first target there as well. Then climbing up, past the fusebox, through the window with the three guards (with the mirror of one of the Mission Stories), KO them and snipe her there. This part was tricky in a fun way, dealing with three bodies when I had to let her go into the room without spotting something, when there was just one container. :smile:

Maybe I should try to do a all-classics-at-once video line. Was fun on this map.


Aha! It’s entirely self-imposed, but I’ve only been doing no knockout routes for all the maps on master difficulty, so that makes it extra challenging. I’d probably have a different opinion if I allowed myself to knock out NPCs.

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It surely has more style to do it !KO and not mining yourself to the targets. But I don’t imagine this is possible on every map then. :smiley: Can you if you would do all classics at once? Including Sniper Assassin?

I’m not that good a player to do them all at once. My final videos might look classy, but they require many, many attempts to get that “perfect” run. It took me hours to get a flawless run on this one. I had a similar problems on Santa Fortuna and found that to be a tough map too.


And in Colorado everyone is an Enforcer and will shoot you for trespassing (when playing SO, of course). I think what makes Sgail harder than Colorado is the fact that it is very narrow spaced and has lots of small Corridors.

i really liked Colorado and the Design and Atmosphere of Sgail are outstanding, but the Targets are so boring…i think i havent decided if i love or hate Sgail now :grin:

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I totally agree about the targets. I didn’t like the main mission at all, especially having to exit through the tornado shelter. I found the design and looks of Colorado made it an outstanding map for contracts mode.

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i meant the targets of sgail, but Colorados targets are also quite meh.

Why everyone hates that so much? i had never a Problem with that, no one complained about it in the 5 Sequels. For me the Tornadoshelter Exit is a neat little throwback to simpler times of Hitman - especially when you use Sean Roses Body to open the Door, like in Codename 47 you use 48s Barcode to Trick the Scanner - its just so cool!

SO/SA Sniper Assassin on Master, with a unique way to kill Sophia.