Official HMF Marrakesh Playthroughs thread

Like the other HITMAN playthrough threads, this thread will serve as a the main base for playthroughs. You are welcome to post speed runs, weapon challenges, contracts and Elusive Targets in here as long as they take place in Marrakech.

i have collected a few videos from youtube to kick things off with

For playthroughs of Paris and Sapienza please vist


Silent Assassin, Suit Only, No Knockouts


Check it out if you care to. Loving Episode 3 so far


Well I just got the World Record


Wow, great job. And there was I thinking my time of just over 8 minutes was impressive :joy:


Watch this if you want to see 47 literally run past all the guards into the school as a waiter, unspotted.


I found something strange - It’s really weird - stats shows - no bodies found :joy:, but I can’t obtain no noticed kills condition, I tried shot from other positions but always the same result…


My first SA/SO/AO run (8:44)

SA/SO Run with the Battle Axe

This was my first run in Marrakesh, went for high Mastery XP (35.5K) on my first try.

Really psyched on this one. SA in 2:06 with Silverballer and an exploding car…


SA/SO/AO (6:22)

Pretty happy with this run :slight_smile:

SA in 2:35 with the Fire Extinguisher! Totally legit Accidents


Marrakesh SA/SO in 3:09

Marrakesh SA/SO in 2:58

Back with another, unsilenced sniper challenge. First one on Marrakesh. Not the sexiest because of all the moving parts but I think it’s a pretty fun watch w/ a 1 shot, 2 kill collateral :slight_smile:

Silverballer run in 2:52


This is my attempt at the Marrakesh level. When I do “roleplay” playthroughs such as this I like to do them as realistically as possible by walking everywhere when in public and not using unrealistic elements such as coin throwing or throwing wrenches at people’s heads. I also try to disable as much of the overlay as possible - minimap, warnings, opportunities etc.

I wasn’t going for a suit only run specifically but it seemed to be quite easily doable using this method so I thought I’d go for it:-

The things I don’t like about this playthrough are:-

  • I had to wait a long time for an opening for the headmaster to leave his spot but as I said this is because I hate using stupid coin throws or chucking a wrench at the poor guys head and like to keep it professional. If you time it as I have done here you can easily sneak past him on the way back though.

  • There isn’t a decent spot to hide the first targets body except for tossing his body downstairs through the hole that you come up and putting him in the crate there but this would mean that I’d have to wait until the patrolling guard downstairs isn’t looking first which would mess up the timing of sneaking behind the guard outside just after this. So many crates on these levels, I feel like they could’ve at least put one in the bathroom where you kill him :unamused: Hiding him in the stall seemed like the next best option.

  • People may say that knocking out the second security guard before killing the second target was unnecessary but from playing the level a few times over it seems that the second security guard’s path and the target’s paths sometimes lead them both to be on the balcony at the same time so this was insurance in case that happens

  • Doing the above meant that there was no room left to hide the second target’s body so I settled for leaving him in the storeroom.

  • Another option would’ve been to use the janitor’s disguise in the same storeroom and electrocuting the target using the stage lamp and railing. This would’ve meant no knockouts for the whole level but I find this method a bit too unrealistic because strictly speaking anyone could lean on that railing. Maybe dressing as a janitor, rigging the lamp then waiting in the control room until the target is actually leaning on the railing before pulling the switch would be a cool hit. It would go down as a body found but with it being an accident wouldn’t matter. But I think 47 getting up close and personal and wiring the target seems more trademark and classic.

  • I would’ve preferred to do this COMPLETELY unseen but there were a few instances of the white “attention alert” thing occurring that I don’t think are avoidable. You can’t see these because I had them turned off.

Does anyone have any suggestions for improvements to this method?

On another note I wanted to start recording some videos using the freecam. Some people used to use a “cheat engine” method to enable the freecam for the game but this seems to have been disabled now. Does anyone know of any way to activate freecam in the game?

I suggested a distraction with explosive or pistol shots, but that isn’t your style :frowning:

You can kill him when he’s upstairs and in the room to the right of his office, he wanders off alone there for a bit, right in front of a cabinet where you can hide his body.