Official HMF Mumbai Playthroughs Thread

Mumbai (Master Difficulty): Suit Only (4.14)

Yet another incredible map! Some of the triggers in this map are amazing. I can’t wait to start playing and creating some contracts on this map.


I do not like to skip ahead, so I just played Mumbai for the first time yesterday while trying to “unlock” The Isle of Sgail for the ET (just barely made it).

Gotta say that so far, Mumbai is my favorite level. It is so densely populated and has so much going on. An ET here could potentially be really challenging.

Neck snaps & empty pistol clicks only - SA/SO/!KO

EDIT: tagging @immadummee47 because you surely are into such runs. :stuck_out_tongue:


How did you know that was the Maelstrom?

The Maelstrom looks different each time you play, but otherwise it is always the same NPC. You can check contracts with him being a target to learn his route.

I probably never would have thought of that. Kinda sucks that it is that easy to “discover” the Maelstrom.Thanks again for the info.

Just as an FYI, the Maelstrom can be easily identified by how he walks. He doesn’t walk anything like any other NPC. Raising the flag isn’t the only way to isolate where the Maelstrom is as there are other ways to isolate him to do the hit. This can be through learning his route and recognizing his specific walk style.

Just came up with this method of Perfect Picture mission story kill.
Weird nobody before did this. At least I haven’t seen it on the web

SA/SO Sniper Assassin on Master.

Is there any way to get the Malestrom to come to the trainyard?

Kill Rangan via Kashmirian opportunity, then call Maelstrom via phone booth on the street

Thanks. Unfortunately, I need them all alive at the trainyard. Appreciated!