Official HMF Paris Playthroughs thread


The idea behind this thread is quite simple, it’s to gather all Playthroughs in once place. Right now we get 100’s of new playthroughs from different forum members, each of them creates a new thread for every single video. Which does not much for discussion, here you will be able to share your videos and discuss them in once place.

I have taken the liberty to collect some of the many and already existing videos and post them here. Also giving credit to the original poster. Please use this thread to upload and constitute with your videos.

There exist a similar thread for ‘World of Tomorrow

by @JulioTarantino

by @AlexNiedt

by @GuLe

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Any and all playthroughs or only SA playthroughs?
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Any I’m guessing as he made the threads for all playthroughs to be collected in one place :slight_smile:.


Yes, the function of this thread is to gather Playthroughs and keep in one place. Not to confuse with other threads like Speedruns or Special weapons thread. Though they are welcome to post their videos here as well.

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I will repeat my views here

[quote=“ampburner, post:8, topic:7027, full:true”]Let’s think of this thread as a “magnet” for playthrough video posts, not a ban on playthrough video topics.

Although I agree, ideally we would have one thread per specific discussion (which admittedly is a fuzzy concept)


The original Ass-shot!


Sniper Assassin

Vampire Magician - Blademaster Silent Assassin


Anyone else still playing Paris? Went back today for Silent Assassin with bare hands, suit only, no KOs, no loadout, no throwing, no crouching, and no Instinct…


I thought this was a Showstopper only thread but oh well:


How did you not die? Guessing you left the level before the explosion “touched” you?


It is a Showstopper only thread. What do you mean? :open_mouth: Oh, you mean Showstopper mission only? Anything on the Paris map goes here.


i cant get wroten down leaderboard as 1st cuz of you some contracts GuLe :slight_smile: f**k you! (not offensive) :slight_smile:



20 characters . . .


I was JUST outside of lethal range.


Paris - Shotgun Challenge (SA/SO/No Target KO)

Not exactly a speedrun, but i’m still pretty happy with this one.


Turns out the Lethal Syringe is useful for something! due to his delayed death effect, Viktor body doesn’t get found by his guard (because he’s not death yet), and he can’t spot me or his guard’s KO’d body because he’s too busy dying, also injecting it doesn’t make any sound, what makes sound is the victim dying inmediately after.

They’ll probably add more Syringes later, an Emetic one would be pretty OP.

There is a pretty huge bug where if you inject the poison to Viktor while he’s giving orders to his guard the game CRASHES! (happens everytime), so I waited for him to give the order.

The reason I put 2 coins on the ground is because if there is only one the bodyguard will keep walking, then turn around when Viktor calls him, and I need them both to look at the same direction.

Tricks used in this video:

2:20 - You can detonate any proximity bomb by throwing an object near it (even coins)

3:12 - The coin here delays Viktor and his guard, giving me enough time to wait for the model and the Tech guy to get out of the hallway.

4:23 - If you stand super close to someone before throwing an object, it’ll hit them from the other direction! (in this case it hit her from the back, which makes less noise, that’s why the security guy didn’t notice it). I guess this happens because the object starts his trajectory a little ahead of 47’s place.

5:14 - You can knock out someone with an object (bare hands doesn’t work) before they spot you, it doesn’t matter if you don’t do it from the back as long as you’re quick enough, and if they don’t have a dot above their head (like the model) you don’t even need to be quick, just walk up to them and press Q/Throw, works for Lethal Melee objects too.


Featured Contract Get Salty in 1:53


I am trying to do a ultra violent style while evading the guards with costumes. I want to kill the targets out in the open and get awat with it.

‘The paris dash’


The Showstopper, SA/SO/No KO, shotgun challenge.