Official HMF Paris Playthroughs thread


A quick one minute cut-tage of a SA/SO speedrun on Paris in honor of my fresh Absolution Suit lol


After so long I finally uploaded my playthrought of the showstopper:


Got WR again for the current patch!


Awesome buddy! Huehue


SA/SO TAC-4 AR Stealth


Some old Featured Contract

Conctract’s rules:

I liked this route so I’m uploading it hueheuehueheuhe, there’s no Body Found for the dying Chef because he’s not dead yet, and he cant find other people’s bodies because he’s busy dying, and the sound of him dying can be used to stop the other chef.

Also, to instantly detonate press LMB + TAB (Inventory key)


@mungadungalis was revisiting Death of High Fashion, one of the old featured contracts, so I decided to have a go at it as well. And what do you know, I beat @CJfreshhh’s time!


Chandeliers of Death Featured Contract

Mr Nice Guy Featured Contract - 0:50 (pretty much as fast as I can seem to get on the current patch)


Nice, clever way of getting down to the ground floor. (mr. nice guy)


I did this just so I can have a full playlist of “SA/SO/Accident” runs hueheuheuehue

SA/SO - 1:35


Did this while watching @mendietinha try a different route on Twitch. Fun times. :smiley:


that was simply amazing! and thanks a lot for watching, my friend! we sure did some rekt today!


You were streaming mate?:o


yes! right after you! lol


Haha crazy guy :smiley:

Did you rek something?


2 or 3 of yours :wink: one from gule.


Haha which one? Ah well, i rekt more than enough last night huehue


as far as i can remember was the rivals girls, the one you kill dahlia and helmutt… i dont remember others. but i rekt some more huehue.


Huehue, guess ill have to stream again tonight and rek you back :wink:


we can go on with this! no problemo, my man :wink: