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Mr. Nice Guy SA (Now with Explosion Exits fixed and OP poison)


Three Star Michelin SA (0:42)

@Fortheseven @AlexNiedt <3


That man is possessed by the devil! And I have seen it before!


Somebody call an exorcist!


Love the name of the contract! Very clever.


In that case I’ll call Gary Busey, I mean, he perfomed an exorcism at the graveyard of the church of Sapienza.


Meet the running man…


See, this is what I DONT consider silent assassin. You dropped a bomb in the auction room. People saw you. I’m sure there are survivors. You used a shot gun. People heard it. The target went into target lockdown. So that contradicts he whole premise of SILENT assassin.

But I’m not blaming you, just the broken mechanic that determines silent assassin.

Silent assassin SHOULD be when you walk in, nobody suspects anything. Nobody sees you. You take the target/s out. Hide the bodies. And walk right out the front door (so to speak). That’s TRUE silent assassin.

SA should be the HARDEST thing to get. Should be REWARDING. Not just some run and gun type style like in this video.


Sarajevo Six. My First CUSTOM KILL CAM vid.


Chandeliers of Death - SA (1:30)


I’ll translate: “Let me talk down to you for a sec…I don’t like how you play the game, and I wish the game went by my own personal definition of Silent Assassin, which none of the Hitman games have ever done. Though I have no experience with it, your playstyle is obviously easy and not at all rewarding, because if something looks easy in this YouTube video I just watched, it’s obviously not because the player is extremely skilled.”


Silent Assassin is about not getting detected. Not necessarily about being Silent. Explosions, gunshots, overall being loud and still getting the Silent Assassin rating have been part of the rating systems of the entire series. Using the bomb to kill most targets at the end of the Wang Fou Incident is by design. Using bombs to kill both Alvaro D’Alvade and Richard Delahunt by dropping things on their heads in Curtains Down is by design. Using bombs to destroy the ship in The Bhjarkhov Bomb is a mission objective. That is nothing new. And not specific to this game at all. Just because you have a definition of what it should be does not mean that is the way the ratings are designed. People have all kinds of stupid interpretations of what the rating means that have nothing to do with how the game actually works. Yourself included.

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Kill Order: PRIME, 813599094 SA (0:51)

Learned a new trick with this one!

So, if you drop a weapon/bomb in front of a bodyguard and they notice it is a weapon they’ll hunt you down, BUT, if you bump into them first they ignore that you dropped them and just treat it like they found a weapon.

EDIT: Sorry about the missing audio, I just realized after deleting the recordings, idk what happened hueheuheue.

EDIT 2: NVM, youtube totally fixed my video Kappa


Usually, in my experience, if you bump them first and then drop a weapon in front of them, they arrest you immediately without going through the voice line (“Excuse me, sir, you dropped that… Wait, is that a weapon?”). Maybe you dropped the bomb while not in sight by them?


Hmm… did you try that with the Breaching Charge? because if you drop one you still have the other in your hand, which is considered “Visibly Armed”

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