Official HMF Paris Playthroughs thread

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Get Salty SA 1:10

With a new OP trick!

Youtube’s description

New trick! you can throw an item, quickly pick it up and throw it further away, and the npc that heard it will go after it! this works better with items that aren’t coins, because it seems like NPCs aren’t willing to go too far for a coin, but they’ll move a lot for something like a duck or a fire extinguisher.

Here’s an example of what else you can do with this trick, I used a duck to send strandberg below the moose without having to do the interview!

In this video I use that trick at 0:55, not its fullest potential though hueheuheuheue.


I get it, almost like playing fetch with the AI

they aren’t attracted to the sound they are attracted to the item. So once they are made aware of the item they will chase it and not the sound over distance.



Edit: we can call it the Fetch Trick hueheuheueheu @Drebin


Death of high fashion SA (2:35)

This is one of the situations in which the HWK 21 Covert can be better than the Silverballer, thanks to its weak ammo you can keep someone on the floor for longer without killing him.

There are slightly faster methods for the Shekh disguise but I like this one hueheuheueheu.


Shotgun-up SA (1:20)

How to be stealthy hueheuheuehue


Didn’t hear the multiple gun shot blasts but heard you running.


The Adamoli Fascination Level 5


Started figuring this one out on live stream, and got to 6th place.
Then I took a break for a couple of hours, couldn’t sleep because,…you know, strats bouncing around in my head.
Suddenly I realized what I wasn’t doing right.
Here’s my The Kerner Disquiet run. I’ve got the top spot, for now. (Xbox- probably been bested by the time anyone reads this).
The person whose time I beat actually commented on the video congratulating me. That’s what I’m talking about when I say Hitman has the best, most friendly community.
Thank you all.


I don’t understsnd why the video link isn’t playable in forum so I’m posting it here again. Hope that’s cool. :slight_smile:


No KAPOW? Son, I’m disappoint


Wow that’s a sick speedrun Munga. The ducky explotion radious is enough to kill that chef, so why does the game “chooses” to focus on the fire extinguisher explosion as the causative of the death?


No it isn’t, else it wouldn’t be an accident kill.


Oh ok. I would have thought it was within the radius

Edit: Extra points for Munga then, that’s quite in the limit. 10 points for Gryffindor!


Thanks! I’m glad you liked it. :slight_smile: :+1:t3:


I swapped out the KAPOW for a better KaBoOoOOm!


One of the new featured contracts, Curtains Up (SA 1:25)



That shotgun is so silent you can kill guys right next to each other and they don’t hear a thing. Went on a Paris killing spree with it, good fun.


Showstopper - Two Targets, One Trigger: