Official HMF Paris Playthroughs thread


Nice don’t you like watching the kill though? Don’t you guys think t would be good to have the option to enable a kill cam so you can see the kill without being near.


I do sometimes :slight_smile: depends on the run!

This actually started out by placing a fire extinguisher for Victor too and then I watched them both die from the Helicopter, but Victor took too long to arrive and I kept getting spotted so I was looking for a place to put the FE earlier on his route and then I spotted the propane tank in the hall way.

I liked how the camera shakes at the end because the explosion is right above 47’s head :grin:

Also, I was actually toying with the idea of doing exactly what you just said, where I would do another run afterwards but staying to watch the explosion then editing the kill cam into the corner of the video so you could see both angles at the same time, thought that would be cool too.

I also wanted to do that for Claus in this Marrakesh run: (skip to 1:15 for Claus’s death)



My “story” run.

My SA, SO, No KO, Fiber Wire only, All bodies hidden, No HUD run.


The Pharmacist SA (Blind/No Restarts)


My SA, SO, No KO, Accidents, No HUD run.


fun run.



“studio version”



or not? huehuehuehue


I bet pistol_distraction can do that in 59


he told me he will try this weekend on stream.



run from @fortheseven




Amazing man, well done :slight_smile:


Other of my limited runs, easily the easiest so far for obvious reasons.
SA/SO/No KO/No Loadout/No Distractions/No Gun/Accidents Only


My “Sniper Assassin” run. Jaeger 7 is used.


the revenge for the slow et:

2 duckies! ftw!


@Travis_IOI do you think there is any chance we could get an agency drop point at the top of the barge?