Official HMF Paris Playthroughs thread


the fastest sa ever for paris:


Silent Assassin/Suit Only/Unsilenced Shotgun

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Killing both targets with one shot from the Lancer and achieving Silent Assassin


Well the drop in the shed is literally a few steps away. I don’t see it needed and it would be obsolete for any other kind of use other than a snipe attempt, whereas the shed has many uses.


I did my own take of the SA unsilenced shotgun challenge, hopefully planning to do it with every map, we’ll see how that goes :stuck_out_tongue:


Bit of Chrimbo fun. :gift:


no throwlo.



I went back to this mission knowing there had to be a possible way to kill both targets with the ‘Fibre Wire Only’ without any interaction with any other NPC’s/No Poison/No Syringe/No Coins/No Weapon Drops Used. Timing has to be perfect in order to pull this off, especially with no HUD Display on…

I know its possible to do it with your bare hands (interacting with the 2 targets only/Ghost Run), but doing this with the ‘Fibre Wire’ only is harder, especially on Viktor… This is my method of doing it…


It’s not a great video, just thought I’d share


lol. Cool. Third-person-shooter mode. Wish I could aim that well on PS4.


That was really entertaining. Nice concept too. It’d be really great if you could play each mission in either stealth mode or arcade mode.


Thats a very nice idea for Role Playing Gamers. Scoring maximum Style points and every thing.


done it!


Nice idea for doing missions differently! Good job! :thumbsup:

"-Special Interactions (e.g. Blending in, pushing someone off, kill and knockout combo etc.): 225 (No Bonus)"
You could look at doing a minor change in points allocation for Blending in, as it can be misused.


551 Non-Target Kills - Paris.



Killing both targets at the same time… with a FLYING EXPLOSIVE HAT