Official HMF Paris Playthroughs thread


Why do you need to bump Dalia? Once you close the door, they don’t see anything inside. Or do they?


They do sometimes…


The Showstopper - SA/SO - Loud & Stylish approach


This is a Sniper Only Silent Assassin Playthrough I did for Showstopper

I’ve only owned the game for 3 days but I’m a quick learner


stronk bc wr


Concept Strat to use the light rig kill early


If it stands to reason that the chaos and ruckus “could be reported as something else or some other kind of disorderly conduct”, that could still be Silent Assassin. Using chaos to camouflage an assassination attempt.

I also believe there have been more than one real life SA-style killings that employ similar forms of misdirection.

We recently went through a real life incident in our country where one gun shot wound appeared to have conflicting explanations: In one they claimed the guy had shot himself by accident, and in others, someone else had shot him. More confounding still was the guy himself survived and couldn’t tell where the shot came from or whether he might have done something to discharge the gun he was holding into his leg.

In the end, for PR reasons, they just claimed the guy was shot by an intruder (that he failed to stop), as the alternative was just more embarrassing.

It has occurred to me at that moment that Chaos is also a powerful tool if used properly - “Wrong Cause Found” is as silent in this case as “No Cause Found” particularly because in some cases people don’t want to revisit something that’s already considered closed; so these people unwittingly help in hiding your secret.


The Showstopper SA/SO/AO/!KO without entering the Palace (2:05)


No posts in here for a while, huh?


This is my headcanon for The Showstopper. Accident kills, no ko’s on non-targets and complete with news article.

Tragedy at Sanguine
February 11th, 2019

The annual Sanguine fashion show was cut short this year, when agency-head Dalia Margolis fell to her death near the main performance stage in what Paris Police are calling a “…tragic accident.”

The show was in mid-swing and guests had already packed the auditorium when Margolis, 39, plunged to her death in front of onlookers. “I saw something fall from the corner of my eye, and then I heard screaming and people were saying that someone had died.”, witness Albert Hamm shares with Paris Local reporters. “She wasn’t moving when I saw her, and some staff were checking for signs of life.”, stated model Lotya Lepage.

Sanguine head Viktor Novikov was found dead of an apparent drowning during investigation into Margolis’ death, Police Chief Dubois has announced to the press that “…neither death is being treated as a criminal matter at this time, though investigations are still ongoing.”

A former model, Dalia Margolis retired young ands remained relevant in the industry with her own modelling agency. Coaching a number of today’s most talked about talent, Margolis has been long respected and admired by many. The state of Margolis’ agency is undetermined at this point in time.

Viktor Novikov’s death will surely lead to negotiations and changes within the ranks of Sanguine. Rumours of illegitimate activity have circled Novikov for years, but detailed accusations have never been made public. Burt Hardy, lawyer for Novikov, made a brief statement, “My client was a prominent and respected member of both the public and business worlds, any unsubstantiated claims are just slander to a dead man’s name.”


My definitive Showstopper playthrought. Took me way too long to record but I’m pretty proud about the result :slight_smile:


Thought I’d put it in here anyway; excuse the 6 month resuscitation. :shifty:


Got a question- does Viktor ever take a drink. Cause I followed him around and never saw him drinking. He only stops at the bar to order a drink then leaves. I’m trying to poison him


If you go into the basement, you can find the recipe for his favourite cocktail, then disguise yourself as a waiter and serve it to him. Check your opportunities/mission stories, it’s in there.


Thanks. I ran around the basement many times and never came across the recipe.


Near where the chefs are, good luck.