Official HMF Santa Fortuna Playthroughs Thread


Santa Fortuna (Master Difficulty): Suit Only (8.14)

This map is incredible. It may be my favourite to date and I can’t wait to play some contracts on this map.


Sneaking right into the house suit only to kill Rico is pretty hardcore! For my Master SA/SO I just went with the hippo kill for him.


HITMAN 2 - Colombia/Santa Fortuna SA/SO Master (2:59)

I developed my own strategy for Master SA/SO in Santa Fortuna that I thought was quite nice. I don’t know if anyone else has done these specific strategies, but hopefully you can get some use out of this!

Initially couldn’t find a way to get Andrea faster with a 4:34 in my previous run time. But with the traversing through the Delgado yard, I was able to bring down almost an entire minute and a half from my total time.

► Strategy includes:

Starting Location: Coca Fields
Weapon: Any silenced pistol
Extra items: Lock pick, breaching charge

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It most definitely is SA = Silent Assassin, but remember that SO = Suit Only.
However, that’s a fantastically worked-out run. Some top level planning and execution. :+1:

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Sniper Assassin/SA/SO/Master :smiley:

(There’s a little bit cheating though, I used a save on reaching Cocoa fields & Jorge’s kill isnt actual sniping as Jorge’s random route never makes my plan work, which is basically to snipe him when he’s in large foliage from the large foliage myself!)


Edit - tagging @CHAOS_AGENT_45, the OG Sniper Assassin :smile:


I’m trying to do all the classics challenges on master but I’m struggling with the Santa Fortuna SASO mainly because of Rico. I managed to sneak to the hippo compound but I couldn’t see a meaty bone on the table. Can someone tell me where other meaty bones are on the map please :slight_smile:


Yeah they removed the meaty bone near the hippo for Master.
I found the other one in a shack in the fishing village area. It’s a open doored shack in the second floor where a female is cooking on a stove.

Funny thing is, that was the first place I searched when I saw that the meaty bone was missing. It made sense that it was there. Since there is a challenge to melee the meaty bone enthusiast into the sea. So I figured that it has to be near that area


Three Headed Serpent, sa/so no ko’s. 5:04

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Does anyone know the whereabouts of bloody cocaine brick on Santa Fortuna?
Seems I remember I found one or two on the location long ago. But now I don’t remember the exact location of them


I recall that there are about 3-4 of them in the cocoa field area, inside the building with the broken machine that you can use as an opportunity to kill Jorge. I know there is one behind the machine that is easy to get to without being spotted if you climb through the window. Otherwise the others are on the tables around the workers inside that building. I don’t recall seeing any more in other areas of the map.


Yeah, I remember something like that too, but I just been there and all the bricks there are regular.
I even get there in my own suit without changing, but it didn’t help. Something changed regarding this, maybe…


Sorry, I missed the word, bloody. You need to make it! Fix the machine by obtaining the circuit board from the cargo container stuck in the tree in the jungle area and put a body in the machine. A bloody cocaine brick comes out the other side. :astonished:


I know I can make it, but I want Jorge to commit suicide with SA rating :slight_smile:
I think there should be bloody on a level…

I thought of another way: to drag Delgado or Martinez there and give a feed to that machine, but it gonna take time :slight_smile:


There’s no bloody cocaine laying anywhere.
You need to pusuh someone into it and then carry on and do the backpacker mission story so instead of placing the bus souvenir. You place the bloody cocaine

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SA/SO Sniper Assassin on Master.