Official HMF Sapienza Playthroughs thread


Not necessarily no, they can have their own thread. But there is nothing that stops them form being posted here. But let’s wrap this discussion up, since it serves no purpose of what the thread is about. It’s already pinned and got the the backing on the admins, which is the end of that discussion.


It certainly did. For a second it looked like an auto no-reply message because of how detailed the answer was, ha!



I think I’m going to upload a video of how I first did Sapienza, what software is good to record with? Shadowplay?


if you own a Nvidia graphics card and it supports Nvidia’s Showplay, then that is one option. Shadowplay is part of Nvidia Experience program. There is also the AMD counterpart to Geforce Experience called Raptr, which does the same thing.

  • MSI Afterburner - is also an option, good performance. But found it messy to setup and get running.
  • FRAPS - Trail version can only film for 30 sec, where the paid version has no limit, but it CPU heavy.
  • - easy to setup and makes it simple to post clips online. Also it barely affects your FPS.
  • Bandicam - not much experience with it.
  • Windows 10 Gamebar - part of Windows 10.


Dxtory works for me just fine,you should try it out


I posted this on the speedruns thread but I guess it fits here too.


:joy: :joy: :joy: So, so great for so many reasons.


Playthrough of one of the new featured contracts, picked this one because you have to kill with explosives :smirk:


Will this be the place to post elusive playthroughs?


You can use it for all that, any kind of playthrough.


Pretty chuffed with this one! Took 22 mins overall.

Edit: skip to 11.56 for just the kill.

I’m 2/2 SA at the moment. I got SA on The Forger, but I lost my nerve and changed costume to walk around Paris. This time I thought I’d be brave and try and do it suit only… and kill him with the bloody ninja katana! And I did!

I have to say, I LOVE how tense these missions are. Even if you know the map inside out, you’re thinking, what if something changes, what if someone suddenly appears? You’ll see I get spooked at one point when a maid appears just when I’m about to KO a bodyguard.

As with Paris, I didn’t read up or watch any other videos beforehand (what would be the point, why spoil it for yourself?), so what you’re seeing is me working it out in real time.

Note also (spoiler!) that there seemed to be a bug in my run-through, in that once I pacified the Congressman’s assistant, the Congressman became frozen and stopped his routine. Take note IO, what’s that all about?

Anyway, once I did the walkthrough, I also decided I wanted to get out with the sword too, so I took a few risks smuggling it back through the kitchen to get it back to base :slight_smile:

The video caps at 15 mins so you only get the final two thirds of my run-through, but the first third was pretty boring, just wiping cameras and reconnoitring.



I broadcast my playthrough on Twitch, no restart. It was kind of long and awkward. Things didn’t go as planned as NPCs seemed to be placed differently. I don’t know if I’ll upload it to YouTube.

I did as I said I would, though.


I highly reccomend you to check the youtube description, there are timestamps with the most relevant moments (mah katana T_T)


SA/SO Saber, no use of instinct


The Congressman. SA/SO/No Knockout. Garrotte.


My improvisation run - interesting kill but unfortunately without SA :expressionless:

Best part - 6 min



Featured contract: An Non-disclosure Disagreement


Not a run through but I channelled my elite gamer earlier while playing.


Shotgun Challenge (SA/SO/No KOs)