Official HMF Sapienza Playthroughs thread


Not the best time, but I haven’t seen a No Accidents run of this Escalation yet so here it is!


That was a pretty cool move at the end!


Not going for speed or anything. I made this one because I got tired of hearing people say that the silenced sniper rifle was useless.


HOLY SHIT on that headshot/subdue combo!

Hats off to you, sir!


Nice run mate. [quote=“RW_Slick, post:43, topic:7027”]
I got tired of hearing people say that the silenced sniper rifle was useless.

What? Nonsense


Don’t watch his videos, @GuLe is a shit player, he never comes up with anything creative. :smirk:


47th post of this thread!

Got the #1 on The Selmone Mimesis, uploading it before SPRUT rekts my ass!


Some great playthroughs on here! :slight_smile: I love this location, check out my suit only silent assassin run. Pretty flawless if I do say so myself lol.


Selmone Mimesis Escalation Run SA 2:09 w/ remote explosive distraction & a gunshot-knockout lol nothing special but thought it was a touch different.


‘the fishermen’

this is a custom contract i found randomly, it was really simple but i found a way to make it complex in the end.


World of Tomorrow. Silent Assassin, Suit Only, No Knockouts, and killing all targets (even the virus!) with the shotgun. Here it is, @Fortheseven! Also @mungadungalis You might have been joking, but yeah, I did kill the virus with the shotgun in the end lol


That’s awesome. I knew you could do it!


posting here too. maybe the first to do it this way, but really not sure. hope you guys enjoy. thank you.


What the…??
Did you blow his clothes off with a breaching charge??!
What kind of dark magic is this?


Sapienza SA/SO Poison Only


A quick, not so inspiring, not so creative sniper assassin cut-tage on Sapienza w/ the absolution suit. (50 second video of a 2:04 minute run)


My ass that wasn’t inspiring!
You killedededed the virus with a gun!


Two questions:

  1. If it is old news, I never knew about it. How did you find out about that virus prototype?

  2. How are you getting two breach charges? Or is on the CX block?


Huh? You always get two breaching charges.


I honestly have not used it. If you put it in your loadout, you get two? Interesting.