Official HMF Sapienza Playthroughs thread


Because someone here on HMF discovered it like a month ago, really can’t remember who it was.[quote=“RW_Slick, post:61, topic:7027”]
I honestly have not used it.

I recommend using it, one of the most useful tools in the game so far :slight_smile:


New patch’s poison run! (SA/SO 2:56)


Nice skill man.

Still trying to master that ‘sneak around behind the guard’ trick.

I tried to destroy the virus suit only-didn’t come out as pretty tho.


This is glorious.

EDIT: Friend wanted Brazzers logo, here you go!


Haha the Brazzers logo is pretty funny actually.


The Icon, SA/SO/No KO shotgun challenge, basic stuff. Another one will be coming for A House Built on Sand too!


My take on the Agana Abyss, that’s what I did when it came out, haven’t recorded it until now though:



Super Sibling Rivalry SA 1:51


Not sure where this belongs so I’ll just leave it here, I was trying the next Featured Contract and this happened!


I’ve seen it before!


Somebody call an exorcist!


This reference never gets old.


Killing @ampburner, Rocco and OP


Hmm, I just noticed they name characters after people on the boards. So I guess that’s what some folks were going on about when this level first dropped.


I BECOME YOU (Silent Assassin) - 3:33


Found a new way to kill Francesca! Really like this one


A bullet of PEACE and a joint to SHARE - SA 4:57

Sometimes the insta-throw trick makes the object/person fly in a funny way, as seen in 0:15, also if you KO an enemy while he’s in his sitting animation his body will fly in an unpredictable way and well… that can happen HUEHEUHEUEHE.

at 1:05 I get closer to the biker to trigger the conversation which ends up with him sitting on the bench.

At 1:18 the audio device (that I’ll activate later) makes the guard upstairs come down, find the device and take it to the weapon stash, which buys me enough time to kill the target without getting body found.

The Explosive Golf Ball at 2:07 distracts the yellow shirt guy (he can find the cyclist body otherwise)

Another funny insta-throw at 4:52

(To do the insta-throw you have to be crouching, throw an item and stand up right after pressing the trigger)

Also. you can skip the pick-up animation by holding a large weapon in your hands (I spam this trick at 2:01)


Virus Prototype (kill now counts as SA thanks to new poison rules) + Observatory Kill, SA, 3:59.


Too Many Claudios - Silent Assassin 1:59