Official HMF Sapienza Playthroughs thread


The Professional Sniper SA (1:52)


Nice didn’t know you could get her near the car, I need to experiment with the secondary lockdown thing. I haven’t found where each target goes if you compromise their first position.




PMSL that was awesome I love watching you guys fuck with the AI. I thought that crime noticed meant you lost your SA rank but obviously not as long as they don’t actually see you firing the gun.


Someone noticed bullets, but nobody knows who did it hueheuheuehueh



Some quality ragdoll physics hueheueheuhe

the guard at the beggining is the most annoying NPC in the entire game, he constantly head-turns randomly, and sometimes he stops to stare at you even if he wasn’t seeing you before ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks to for helping me find a coin hueheuehue, I needed 4 coins to distract the red-dressed lady for long enough, also at 1:14 I use the multi-drop trick (press G (drop item for console users) while in the “place item” animation to drop even more coins (1 coin per button press)).

At 1:36 I don’t get spotted because throwing non-lethal items is not a crime, and none of the NPCs saw each other being knocked out.


Doesn’t it count as spotted when you punch or whack someone from the front after they’ve been looking at you? Or is it because you killed him afterwards that it doesn’t count?


Not if they’re KO’d before they have time to spot you.


But he was already looking in his direction and with an exclamation mark (suspicion meter full in game mechanics, zzzzit noise).


No, that was the bumping notification they added in the Summer Bonus patch. Totally different. That had nothing to do with suspicion of a crime.


Should be closely tied though: the same noise plays when spotted (suspicion meter-wise), and notification of bump/climb/sneak suspicion is an immediate spotted if then doing an illegal action.


It’s confusing, but they are not the same or necessarily tied. Since the Summer Bonus patch, the “spotted” SFX apply to bumping, as well, which has nothing to do with being spotted.


That’s how stuff like the part in the attic where you vault over got broken. The guard sees you vault, and the bumping/agility spotting goes in play, but that makes it so that the suspicion meter is also at max, so you’re found trespassing.


That’s because you’re trespassing in the first place. Totally different situation.


Nope, if you do it with your bare hands though, you WILL get spotted, only works with non-lethal weapons.


cjgarof contract. the jingles menace! id: 1-03-9045133-03 on PC


Ghost kill. !


Movie Murder Mayhem SA (2:07)

That lady in red has heavy RNG on when she comes out of that room and might spot you killing people hueheuheue, this time she behaved well.

You can use Propane Flask as “Explosive Kills” for contracts, and they also count as an Accident, so no bodies found.


My “story” run.

My SA, SO, No KO, No distractions, Fiber Wire only, All bodies hidden, No HUD run.


Couldn’t see the bug report thread, so posting here.

We’ve had internet problems the last 24hrs which has made the game glitch out a bit and be difficult to connect to, but this was extreme: