Official HMF Sapienza Playthroughs thread


No KO’s? What’s that at 07:30, :stuck_out_tongue:.


You’re looking at the first video which is the “story” run. The second one is the “clean” run. :slight_smile:


Wallbanging all the objectives by FortheSeven


And now to do the same, suit only, on all maps


World of Tomorrow SA (1:15) (WR)


Holy freaking spaghetti GuLe. Insane! YOu should upload it in a little bit better Quality if possible. That run deserves it!


It was just processing, should be in HD now.

Thanks m8! hueheuehue


Holy shit. I couldn’t do that in 5 minutes.


That was awesome I did not know you could shoot the plug like that to cause an accident!


and it is in sapienza, the last wallbangs from the genius @fortheseven >


My “Sniper Assassin” run. Jaeger 7 is used.

PS: This includes sniping and destroying the virus.


I just finished the mission SA SO with an unsilenced shotgun!
check it out here:


70 retakes to kill De Santis?


70 retakes to complete the mission, more then 50 of them had to be restarted because of that guard.


why else do you think i’m a regular here?


Charming as always.



How did you get 4 breaching charges? Is it the same way as the double coin glitch? The game should allow us to take anything in any slot, even if it’s the same thing.


Episode 4: The Running Man (3:30)


It’s a old save, back from Sapienza launch, where there was a bug that allowed you to bring duplicates. It can’t be replicated today without having that save.