Official HMF Sapienza Playthroughs thread


Okelee dokelee.

Well you better be careful cuz loading/using old save states can cause you other issues as well. It’s one reason why some ppl get more bugs than others. It can corrupt/screw up your game.

So if you’re having issues with lots of bugs, this could be a reason why. If not, your pretty lucky then.


New Whirl Rekky!

World of Tomorrow SA (1:08)

To clip through the roof you have to run like I did on this video, works like half the time, you can also do it while aiming your gun and it will work every time (but then you can’t carry a propane flask huehuehue)

Credits to WRP_Beater who found the roof trick and BernardoOne who saw the rekky potential in it huehuehuehuehue.


Pro rekky too

World of Tomorrow Pro/SA (1:18)


HITMAN - Escalation -The Andersen Animosity Level 5 - 3:44


Killing both targets with different falling objects at the same time. (without knocking them out)



Dude, that was total badass. Now time to 1up it. Kill both targets as you did, but drop the stac on the virus (with perfect timing) to complete all 3 objectives at the same time. Maybe you could place some coins to cause the delay like you did with the duck in front where Caruso walks? I’m sure you could do it and still have enough time to run back to the lab and shoot down the thingy to kill the virus then immediately trigger the breach charges.

Is that possible?


Not really. You need to destroy the virus so Francesca comes to check on it, which is what makes the falling object kill possible.
Maybe it could theorically be possible using my 4 breaching charges save. One breaching charge hidden behind the radio that wakes up the detective. Then go to mansion, detonate the radio breaching charge, plant the other two, run to lab, destroy virus and detonate charges. That seems like it would be ridiculous to time right lol.


Ah I didn’t know that’s why she gets into position. But if you think you could try that, go for it. That would be best kill of the season.


Nothing special, just had fun putting together a roleplay on pro.


I didn’t know where else to post this, it’s just a strategy to get SA with ‘Any Melee’ kill on The Icon. I cannot seem to get into the trailer anymore even with the guard disguise, so if anyone is interested in an alternative approach to get a Melee kill on him take a look. Setup is the Q&A opportunity to get Dino into position and the vid shows the rest. :slight_smile:

Here’s a PT kill using same setup


My playthrough of the Landslide side mission on the Sapienza map:


got the wr for saso>


Ha that Silent Assassin was not so silent, but fun play through non the less. Also the frame rate we seen in this video is hopefully not the one you are excerpering?


thanks! no, that was my potato pc who cant handle stream sometimes huehue


Ah okay good, because i would be surprised if anyone could play with that frame rate :stuck_out_tongue:




Killing Francesca on the pier, pro/sa/so no ko’s


Damn, I just saw this and see that you killed Francesca on the pier like I did. Only differences are that you pinched one of her guards and her while I dropped 2 guns in front where she walks on to the pier and one guard from below in black suit gets one gun while the guard that you pinched takes the othe gun, leaving me to fiber wire Francesca and drop her in the water and walk to my exit. Lolol.


That’s smart. On normal mode I like to kill her via gunshot, but on pro the PI is a touch too fast if you don’t slow him down with coins.