Official HMF Sapienza Playthroughs thread


Ya, I actually emetic pinch Falcone in the tunnel. If you wanna see the run, it’s in the Stand-alone Targets thread. That would take care of him.


I did about an hours worth (part 1) of a kill em all on pro mode if anyone is interested in watching it.

Challenge rules were:
•Plague doctor only
•Cameras must not be destroyed and system must be active at all times.


Here’s my Professional Difficulty Guide For Silent Assassin, Suit Only & The Personal Touch



Finally edited my Ghost run of World of Tomorrow.
To anyone watching, this goes as follows:

-do not touch/take ANYTHING in the map (no items)
-do not destroy any cameras or delete evidence
-no distractions (no tossing, audio or radios/breakers and such)
-no evidence left behind
-use only the items brought (that fit the criteria)
-kill targets and hide body
-no interaction with any other NPC other than the targets (no ? or other NPCs react to suspicion)
-professional approach due to opportunity wait time (So I decided to make this like a little mini-movie role play and adding 47’s voice during the run)

There is no way in killing the virus under my criteria so I went with the most “believable” approach. Using the 5mm custom pistol and shooting the stacictile on the tip, causing it to crash and kill the virus. Upon inspection/cleanup, likely impossible to find that caliber in that mineral rock and labelling it an accident)

Ghost Assassin/Suit Only/47 narrative


but… it’s supposed to be a no-evidence run, yes? Surely all kills should have to be accidental, without any bodies hidden (because people don’t get crushed by a chandelier and then hide themselves in closets)


Im using different criteria as I’m not touching anything in the world (other than the virus cuz it has to be done), but I did this with the A Gilded Cage. Don’t want any npc reaction from anything, not even suspicion.

With an accident, the body is found thus having NPCs react. I want the targets to disappear and everybody is none the wiser. Like a hand comes from the sky and removes them off the map.


SA/SO with Katana


SASO with Katana


This morning I finished off challenges in The Icon, I had only previously completed one of the opportunities. Anyway after tinkering around on the level for a while I found this simple SA/SO route.


In lieu of getting the forger with the fireplace kill, I decided to go for it with World Of Tomorrow | SA/SO | Fireplace Kills Only | Steal DNA Sample (Side objective)

Has anyone ever done this before? The timing is such a headache and have a video?? Would love to see how someone else did it.


Did you seriously bring the sniper for the virus shot?


Of course :roll_eyes:. I had to make it interesting…unlike your videos. :sleeping:



Oke, if that’s interesting to you :joy:




pro sa wr


“No crystal ball = no rekky” - Albert Einstein


Headcanon for World of Tomorrow, featuring the rarely used sedative vial.

Scientist Commits Suicide Following Second Lab Accident
July 22, 2019

Sapienza Police are saying that Silvio Caruso, famed local known for his reclusiveness and scientific extravagance, “intentionally plunged to his death.” early Monday afternoon. Investigators are saying that the stress of a “catastrophic” laboratory accident that had happened just prior to his death, combined with “specific emotional stress” may have been what led him to impulsively take his own life.

The unspecified workplace incident of that day is being looked at in connection with another death in the manor, that of project head Francesca De Santis. “She just fell to the ground and stopped breathing.” says a member of De Santis’ personal guard detail, who wished to remain anonymous. Police are saying that De Santis carried a project sample out of the research area that “seems to have either been dropped or burst spontaneously.”

Sapienza poison inspectors are reportedly inspecting the property this week for any hazardous contaminates that may have entered the manor. Ether Corporation has not disclosed what projects were underway on the grounds of Caruso Manor, but has said that an “irresponsible, careless” employee may have been partially to blame. An unnamed Ether scientist is said to have abandoned his shift, then “became intoxicated and fell asleep.” The worker’s role has not been specified, but it has been announced that he has been terminated and will no longer work with Ether on any future projects.

Troubled genius Silvio Caruso publicly began work with Ether Corporation two years ago, with the project goal being focused on improving the state of warfare. Francesca De Santis, a native to Florence, became attached to the work at Caruso manor at the mystery project’s conception. Famed for her work with biological compounds, De Santis was known professionally to be “warm, caring and absolutely the smartest person in any room she was in.” according to former colleague Peter Mathis.

This is the second fatal laboratory incident at the Caruso manor in recent times; another Ether scientist died just a week prior, also from contact with hazardous materials. It is unknown what the state of Ether Corporation’s work in Sapienza will be, at this point in time.


That was a fantastic Caruso Kill. Good job on the cinematic approach.


Great job. You are a ghost! Your gameplay is very inspiring for me.


Thanks I felt that the Caruso kill was the highlight. I’ve taken a liking to making a “canon” cinematic style run and writing about it, trying to abide by 47’s MO as stated in Overachievers (accidents and suicides, I also find poison to be acceptable as a backup as it’s clean and diverts suspicion until toxicology comes in). I use the BC on the model boat to avoid firing a shot, I figure no BC residue should exist after the explosion and nobody will take that smashed boat to mean there was foul play.