Official HMF Sapienza Playthroughs thread


Tasteless, Traceless :wink:
And the boat exit is 47’s boat so smart leaving in it and not the plane.


Yes I figured it would look mighty suspicious if someone straight up stole Caruso’s plane, kind of ruins the picture of a perfect accident. :stuck_out_tongue: For poison, I know it says that but in my mind I like for there to be some kind of difference between poison and accident kills. Since there is no truly untraceable poison in our modern world to my knowledge, that’s the logic I’ve been running with (of course in this case, the poison kill is marked in my headcanon as an accident so I’m just bending whatever rules I want to here lol).


But a cloned master assassin and an agency that he works for is just fine in your world? :joy:
It’s still the hitman world and that’s why THAT poison exists. The ICA creates it. It’s not like they grab it off a shelf at the pharmacy. :grin:
Unless of course you’re not using 47 as 47 and he’s just a normal human. But then again, you used instinct, so you’re not human. Haha.


I suppose, and IO was clever in setting this game in 2019 since anything that doesn’t exist in our world today, could exist in the very near future. However, I still like to imagine that it’s traceable to differentiate them from accidents.

Edit: @Loner Thanks and I’m glad you liked it, I’ve done a few similar runs lately and they’re all in this playlist


Great stuff. I’ll check it out later. I definetly need something inspiring for this game. Thank you. :wink:


Great job. I might have to try one of these. It’s a neat idea to make “canon” playthroughs of how your 47 completed a mission. A nicely written newspaper article, too.



Lancer double kill through cave hole (“Spyhole”)




Awesome! 9/10 because they did not land in the well.


5/10 for not a double piercing kill.


And here’s my final Sapienza playthrough. Decided to show more on Silvio’s backstory, makes a more interesting video.


Kill Streak with Laser Targeting Cannons