Official Japan/Hokkaido Guides & Help Thread [SPOILERS]

This is the thread dedicated to any problems, issues or troubles for Situs Inversus.

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Disclaimer - Some of the videos below are of my friend Powerpyx, and are used with permission.

Stage 1: Just complete the mission.

Simply complete the mission, get a feel of the environment, learn the new drops and objects to be discovered and of course kill your targets.

Trophies you should work towards in Stage 1

A Long Time Coming - Complete “Situs Inversus”.

Stage 2: Select a new starting spawn and ICA Drop on your next playthrough

Finishing the level for the first time will most likely rank up your mastery level. You will have unlocked a new starting location and a crate drop, be sure to select them upon starting your next playthrough.

Trophies you should work towards in Stage 2

Come Prepared - Select a Starting Location and use an Agency Pickup to smuggle an item into Hokkaido.

Stage 3: Serve Yamazaki poisonous fugu fish and eliminate Soders with the robotic arms.

You will need to kill both Yamazaki and Soders in a certain way to attain this trophy. More details below.

Trophies you should work towards in Stage 3

Master of Old and New - Served Yamazaki poisonous fugu fish and eliminated Soders with the robotic arms.

Stage 4: Complete all Opportunities

You will need to complete all opportunities for Situs Inversus. There are 7 opportunities for this mission.

Trophies you should work towards in Stage 4

The Sensei - Complete all Opportunities in Situs Inversus.

_Stage 5: Complete the Escalation in Hokkaido - The Meiko Incarnation

Follow the guide videos below if you need help, upon completing the fifth level of this escalation, you will get the trophy/achievement.

Trophies you should work towards in Stage 5

Hokkaido Escalated - Complete level 5 of an Escalation Contract set in Hokkaido.

Stage 6: Complete the full 20 mastery levels.

By the time you have completed all of the opportunities, you should be well over half way of your mastery. Simply either pick challenges that you’re comfortable with or have high amount of score to earn this faster.

Trophies you should work towards in Stage 6

Sayōnara - Reach Hokkaido Mastery Level 20.

Stage 7: Easter Egg - Flatline (Challenge).

To do the EE (Easter Egg), find Smith and save him…duh?..

Trophies you should work towards in Stage 7

Flatline - Mr.Smith, I presume.

Come Prepared
Select a Starting Location and use an Agency Pickup to smuggle an item into Hokkaido.

When you complete any of the challenges listed for each level, you will attain XP towards your mastery rank of that location. Upon each rank, you will unlock new gear and ICA crate locations for your starting loadout.

To get this trophy/achievement, you will first have to unlock at least one starting location, one agency pickup point, and a spare piece of gear/weaponry. Once you have those, go into the planning tab of the briefing before you next replay the level. Change the start location and smuggle an item into whatever ICA Pickup you have available. Make sure you do both or they won’t count, but they are the first two tabs in the planning section. The trophy or achievement should pop when you start the level.

Master of Old and New
Served Yamazaki poisonous fugu fish and eliminated Soders with the robotic arms.

You will need to find the fugu fish located in the staff kitchen in the walk in fridge. Grab a knife in the kitchen and use it to cut the fugu fish. Grab a chefs outfit in the kitchen, then head to the bar area and place the fish onto the plate and make it into sushi. Wait for Yuki Yamazaki to arrive before pressing the prompt to serve. Yuki will eat it, choke all the way back to her room and die.

Soders is undergoing operation, via robotic arms. Get the Director’s outfit, (he will be walking around, in a lab coat and suit with a black wig on), go to the central AI on the second floor of the restricted area of the hospital and tamper with the AI by pulling out the servers. The servers need to be pulled out in a sequence which will be shown on a small screen when it reboots. After shutting down them down head to the console right in front of you as you leave the AI room, tamper with it and it should stab Soders quite a few times.


Soders is undergoing operation, via robotic arms. Get the Chief Surgeon’s outfit (He will be pacing around the helipad and operating areas). Go into the operating area on the ground floor and there will be a console only the chief surgeon can use. Select the arm operations in order from right to left and It’ll kill Soders.

Reach Hokkaido Mastery Level 20.

You can earn earn XP towards a level by completing the challenges listed for it. There are enough challenges available to reach Rank 20 easily, so you can pick ones that are easier for you or simply what are worth more in order to get to Level 20 faster.

Each challenge is worth a different amount of XP, varying from 1,000 to 5,000. Oppurtunities give out the most in which unlocks an assassination challenge along with it, thus giving out more points so it is wise to work towards all the opportunities first. Challenges can only be completed once but they are counted as soon as you complete them now so you could save the game just before you assassinate your target, kill them one way, reload you save and do it another, to minimise the amount of time to earn these challenges.

Hokkaido Escalated
Complete level 5 of an Escalation Contract set in Hokkaido.

Escalation Contracts are levels where the conditions are gradually built up in complexity over the course of the five levels. The first Escalation Contract in Bangkok are called ‘The Meiko Incarnation’. Click on the corresponding level for a video on how to complete it.

The Sensei
Complete all Opportunities in Situs Inversus.

For this trophy/achievement, you need to complete all the opportunities in “Situs Inversus”.

Note: You can select these in the pause menu and there will be prompts showing you where to go. These are the opportunities:

[details=Ghost in the Machine][/details]

[details=Hot Springs][/details]



[details=No Smoking][/details]

[details=Tell-Tale Heart][/details]

[details=Thrill Seeker][/details]

Mr.Smith, I presume.

Get the Director’s Outifit and go to his office in the restricted area of the hospital (Soders operating area). Grab the keycard off the table and proceed downstairs into the morgue. Swap the keypad by the morgue slab and Mr, Smith once again, finds himself saved by 47.

EDIT: You can go straight to the morgue if you have keycard bypasses.

A Long Time Coming
Complete Situs Inversus.

You will get this when you complete Situs Inversus for the first time, despite how you accomplish the mission as long as Erich Soders and Yuki Yamazaki is eliminated, but how you eliminate them is up to you. It’s recommended that you use a couple of the ‘Opportunities’ to take them out, as you will have to do them anyway later on for other trophies. Each of the opportunities offer you different avenues towards your targets, so take advantage of them. To follow them from the start, pull up the menu via the touchpad and select one to follow.


#New Unlockable Weapons and Gear In “Situs Inversus”

Custom 5mm Pistol - Mastery Level 5


Shuriken - Mastery Level 7


Okinawan Tonfa - Mastery Level 10


Explosive Compound - Mastery Level 15


Seiger 300 Sniper Rifle - Mastery Level 20


Concealable Knife - Mastery Level 20


#Disguises In "Situs Inversus

  • VIP Patient
  • VIP Patient (Amos Dexter)
  • VIP Patient (Jason Portman) [Bandaged Guy]
  • Patient
  • Security Guard
  • Bodyguard
  • Chef
  • Handyman
  • Staff Worker
  • Doctor
  • Surgeon
  • Chief Surgeon
  • Morgue Doctor
  • Director
  • Helicopter Pilot
  • Ninja
  • Motorcycle Suit
  • Baseball Outfit

#Usable Items in “Situs Inversus”

EE Keycard

- In Directors Room

Master Keycard

- In Morgue given by Agent Smith

Rat Poison

- In staff kitchen by pipe on the floor

Pack of Cigarettes

- On Handyman on Helipad

Pack of Cigarettes

- In Amos Dexter’s Room

Pack of Cigarettes

- On a bodyguard in the operating area

Pack of Cigarettes

- In a locked cabinet in the operating area

[details= Cabinets]
Tobias Rieper’s room: 2 coins, Emetic Rat Poison
Jason Portman’s room: Botulinum toxin
Security room (across from bathroom, near hot spring): Disposable Scrambler
Outside staff showers (with the guy singing “Are We Stars?”): Wrench
Hospital room (adjacent to room with Portamn’s surgeon): Cigarettes, Scalpel[/details]

#“REDACTED” Challenges

Impossible Heights

Climb the pipe behind the hospital side entrance, near ninja spawn. Has to wear ninja outfit.

Guardian Angel

Keep the dosage of the curator high until he reaches the heart room, then turn it down. He will head all the way to the balcony on the picture and talk about jumping. Raise it back up and leave him. Finish the mission and it should unlock. You cannot subdue him or fail the mission as the game needs to confirm his alive status.


Turn off the cold water in the spa.then trigger the fire alarm, wait for the alarm to stop.


You need to grab a screwdriver and tamper with the dance mat, then change it to expert mode. Once the guy gets electrocuted you can dance.

We Meet Again

Complete the Easter Egg.


Kill Soders in the operating theatre then go into the morgue and destroy the heart too.

A Personal Goodbye

Dress in your default outfit and shoot Soders in the head with your silenced pistol.

No thanks, Captain Exposition

Kill Taheiji Koyama out of view of everyone.

I Think He is Dead Now

Destroy the heart first and then Kill Soders.

One Last Time, Mr Soders

Go up to Soders in your default outfit and interact with him.

#Secret Easter Eggs

[details=Ayakashi]Step 1: Do the Push ups
Step 2: Let Ayakashi escape.
Step 3: Go back to KAI after the ball AI escapes and it’ll talk to you about it then sing.[/details]




Here we are guys last one of the Season (Yes there’ll be a Landslide on I suppose.)


Kind of sad to think this is the last major location in Season 1


I really hope they will make a mission in Russia next season…


And Hong Kong. We definitely did not have enough of those.

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I don’t really care about the country as long as the location itself is interesting.


This was a nice touch I say forget the link and leave it like that :yum:.

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No f*** platinum? Did I read this right?

The following is written in my anticipation for Hokkaido

I always liked the esthetic of the NBC serie Hannibal.
Somehow I think it fits Hitman both have a killer as main character (one eats humans though, but they both seek perfection in killing their victims ) and they are both able to appear as a normal human being.
Though the killings in Hannibal are rather gruesome and Hannibal a psychopath, I always enjoyed watching him stalk his prey like agent 47. They are both an apex predator.
I never viewed 47 as an psychopath but he does posses some traits. And he has a poetic sense of justice when killing his targets. (depends on how you play the game) He doesn’t kill innocent people but that’s because of his line of work. Being a hitman involves killing the scum who are involved with crime.
While Hannibal clearly enjoys killing and brags about it, not like 47. He’s killing because he’s is in an essence a personification of death (like 47) They are both masters of their craft. 47 in assassination and Hannibal in cooking and killing.
And death is impartial, everyone is equal in the face of death. Both Hannibal and 47 are embodying that.
What I always found scary is that in both franchises you have a feeling that the main character is not from this world. They are death in disguise and they both know that. Killing is their raison d’être.

Many will probably disagree with this shitty comparison and will think this neither does both franchises justice…

Even if you do not agree, I think the artstyle of Hannibal really fits Hitman.
Two missions in particularly made me think of Hannibal, Sapienza and the mission in Saint Petersburg. It’s the reason why I’m spending my Sunday night writing this comparison.
I got this feeling that I was looking through glass at the living and breathing world. Yet I didn’t have the feeling a belonged there. The scenery was beautiful but it made me feel very lonely. And when 47 killed his targets I wasn’t surprised, I was playing a game about a assassin, I knew how every mission ends. And after the kill 47 disappeares like death who harvested his souls (I like to think I’m a poet please excuse me…) and you go to the next mission.
The developers create a living world where every person has their own story but for us it’s just a sandbox filled with opportunities. We hear and see them living and then we kill them.

What I want to say is that somehow I see a lot of things that Hitman and Hannibal have in common. And I would love to see missions with a Hannibal art style. Not the horror of Hannibal nor the cooking but the style.

I hope Hokkaido will have a similar feeling. (Beautiful yet detached)

Readers of this post will think that I wasted their time and for that I’m terribly sorry. I’m a huge Hitman and Hannibal fan who is probably delusional. And this post is not thread related what so ever.

Feedback appreciated!

End of ramblings


Yeah that I knew from the start as you cannot patch in a platinum (not thus far anyways). I’m sure IO know how I feel about that :wink:

I too was worried about this from the start. But what the fucking fuck!
They put cheap ass trophies in the whole game, no wonder there is no platinum. Maybe there is a chance with that hidden trophy.

hahaha for the first time in gaming history i was about to get a platinum trophy, but Hitman doesn’t have a platinum trophy?
How is that even possible? I thought all games had platinum trophy? :flushed:

I highly doubt it as trophies go through a process to Sony to decide whether there should be a platinum (allegedly).

Since the platinum only affects the base game, you need enough base game trophies to warrant a plat. Anything after Episode 1 and the tutorial doesn’t count. Usually with episodic, the devs send the total trophy list for all episodes but not here meaning Ep1 and tutorial isn’t good enough.

No, not all games do.

Ever since Terminator Salvation, Trophies are under check… until Job Simulator came along. Guess they missed that. :stuck_out_tongue:


But what will the people who buy the CD think about this? I personally am really mad about this. I’m not who know what trophy hunter. But I love to have a platinum for the games I really like and enjoy

Well there’s probably trophies for Landslide

It happens all the time. Trophy hunters are used to it. If the Disc version is under the same registry, it’s 100% there’s the same trophies.

If the disc version is under a new “IP” registry, the list can be different. There has been times where disc version/digital version have different lists.

This :slight_smile:

Very Likely,

Fix it, please.
20 characters.

The game doesn’t have all the content yet so there is no Platinum yet. There is still Landslide and maybe some new ones for the disc.

Fixed :slight_smile:

It’s too late. You have to post all upcoming content trophies even if it’s episodic. Only chance is physical but I think it’ll be the same registry.