Official Miami Trophies and Challenges Help [SPOILERS]


This is the thread dedicated to any problems, issues or troubles for The Finish Line.

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Stage 1: Just complete the mission.

Simply complete the mission, get a feel of the environment, learn the new drops and objects to be discovered and of course kill your targets.

Trophies you should work towards in Stage 1

  • Damage Control - Complete The Finish Line.

Stage 2: Select a new starting spawn and ICA Drop on your next playthrough

Finishing the level for the first time will most likely rank up your mastery level. You will have unlocked a new starting location and a crate drop, be sure to select them upon starting your next playthrough.

Trophies you should work towards in Stage 2

  • Event Planner - Select a Starting Location and use an Agency Pickup to smuggle an item into Miami.

Stage 3: Complete all Mission Stories

You will need to complete all mission stories for The Finish Line. There are NUMBER? stories for this mission.


Trophies you should work towards in Stage 3

  • Full Value - Complete all Mission Stories in The Finish Line.

Stage 4: Blow up Sierra Knox in her car, on the podium, and eliminate Robert Knox with his android…


Trophies you should work towards in Stage 4

  • Blaze of Glory - Blow up Sierra Knox in her car, on the podium, and eliminate Robert Knox with his android.

Stage 5: Complete The Finish Line on Master Difficulty.

You will need to complete The Finish Line on Master Difficulty. Master Difficulty is different since it adds REDACTED

Trophies you should work towards in Stage 5

  • Showrunner - Complete The Finish Line on Master Difficulty.

Stage 6: Reach Miami Mastery Level 20…

By the time you have completed all of the challenges, you should be well over half way of your mastery.

Trophies you should work towards in Stage 6

  • Miami Wise - Reach Miami Mastery Level 20.

Stage 7: Easter Egg - Pink Army.


Trophies you should work towards in Stage 7

  • Pink Army - Release the pink army.






Does anyone already know how to trigger Robert to go to the aquarium?


Yeah, in the expo there is a car from Robert. Sabotage it (with screwdriver) and add the red bottle of fuel in it (can be found on several locations in the map, the nearest one is a few steps further by another display in a glass see through box). Now an employee will call Robert and he’ll try to fix the car and it kinda explodes and triggers him to evacuate to the aquarium :slight_smile:


Doesn’t that kill him?


Nope, it explodes but nobody dies there in that scene


Hi guys

I made a few videos to help you guys completing some challenges/feats and discoveries in Miami. Hope this helps you out! Please add some of your own videos in the comment if you have completed some challenges of your own so we can help eachother out.


Miami - One Kilo Brick Discovery:
Miami - Frutti Di Mare Feat:
Miami - Tintamarresque Feat:
Miami - Crowbar location for sewer exit:


It’s where he goes during target lockdown. The method mentioned by @NLJ235 can work but I find it a bit easier to just just fire a loud handgun in Robert’s proximity.
One thing I’ve noticed however: Robert seems to not only have this lockdown location in the aquarium but also on the top floor of the expo building. I presume he’s escorted to whichever is closest


Yep you’re right. That’s why I mentioned my method, with this you’re always sure he’ll be moved to the aquarium.


Anyone getting close to figuring out “Pink Army”? I’ve been trying some things with the suit but nothing works. I don’t even think there is a challenge associated with this easter egg, which makes this harder. Every clue helps.


Have you done the Easter Egg exit ?


Flying away in the suit? Yup. While hilarious, it didn’t unlock a trophy or achievement (nor challenge for that matter).


Do you or anyone know the “Last words” challenge? Usually don’t ask for help, but after a lot of tries I find myself defeated. I’ve tried killing Sierra after her speech with the bird, I’ve also made Sierra say everything before killing her, and I’ve tried to not give her the documents. Nothing seems to get the challenge.


You have to hang on the rubbish chute where you can kick her,wait until she and the real blackmailer arrive. Sierra will eventually kill the blackmailer by throwing him down the chute and will then notice your hands hanging on. Thinking you’re the blackmailer she stomps in your hands and you fall to your death. This unlocks the challenge


Thanks. Did you figure this out on your own?


Does anyone know how to force Sierra into making a pit stop.

I avoided all spoilers when the game was getting shown so I’m probably being an idiot.

I’ve managed to bag the Krondstat disguise and made it into garage but can’t seem anywhere how to call her in…


Huh? I killed him with the Car Explosion… :smiley:

But I think @NLJ235 did not wait for Robert to order 47 to man the car’s ignition button. 47 can kill Robert with the engine explosion by hitting the 3rd ignition button early.


If you go to the Garage Box to “Setup Pitstop” and you make a choice you will trigger the Pitstop event.


Anyone knows how this Deja Due challenge works?