Official Miami Trophies and Challenges Help [SPOILERS]


You can kill him if youre dressed as an employee and follow his instructions. If you dont do anything he’ll enter the car himself and just ignite the engine and the engine blows itself up but the car remains in order. But they think its weird so they put him on lockdown :wink:


I think I got this one when I killed Sierra dressed as the Flamingo and kicked her in the elevator shaft but I’m not sure… :slight_smile:


My guess: perform the Flamingo Sierra Knox Save as the other Flamingo. :rofl:


Holy shit. Is that really how you do it or are you really guessing? Because that sounds like a good guess.


Just guessing… haven’t tried it yet… just did Explosive Liasion without even realizing it was a Redacted Challenge. Hahaha.


Did you push Robert?


Yes. But that is not part of the Challenge and he will not fall on the race track so no way he could hit Knox’s car.


This doesn’t seem to be the case, but I would like it to be. On the picture of the challenge there is a picture of two pigeons, so I assume you are supposed to shoot two with one shot, but you can’t shoot them when they are on the ground, so my only guess is when they fly away, and that sounds horribly annoying, lol.



I got ‘Deja Due’ by sniping a white pigeon on a ledge (not roof) of the expo building from the top overpass (facing down/north of course).

Here’s a video guide by MrFreeze2244:

Redacted Challenges in Hitman 2018 (Spoilers)
Redacted Challenges in Hitman 2018 (Spoilers)

I think Deja Due is a sniping a pigeon like what you had to do in “Sniper Assassin”


Can you give to us a screenshot, please ?
Edit: found it. Thx.


I can’t find it. Tell me plz.




My headache is gone. Thank you. Where do I donate the money.


What did you exactly do to complete the Explosive Liasion? :slight_smile:


Thanks I’ll definitely give this one a try this evening! :wink:


I did it by accident. I actually thought this was a proper Mission Story, not a redacted Challenge. :slight_smile:


Thanks, will give this one a try as well :wink:


Hi, not sure if the following is part of a challenge or not but if someone could help me that would be much appreciated. Minor spoilers to follow.

If you choke out Rutter he drops a dongle, which is for a locked race computer according to the intel. I simply can’t find the computer. Does anyone know? Thank you.