Official Miami Trophies and Challenges Help [SPOILERS]


I think the corresponding computer is in a server room in the same building. From where you obtained the dongle, go across the bar/club, you’ll enter a guarded area where the server room is located (I think it’s directly on top of Kowoon garage). Although I haven’t yet tried to messed with the computer.


Probably another way to make Moses Lee lose the race. Two-way telemetry is a thing in real car racing and the most high tech race cars are indeed linked to a large computer network as well as containing one inside them.


So anyone already know how to get the ‘release the pink army’ trophy?


Last I looked about an hour ago, 0.00% of PS4 players have unlocked this trophy. I’d say it’s still completely unsolved at this point.


I spent hours over the last few days acting like a total flamingo conspiracy theorist and managed to get ‘Release the Pink Army’ to unlock! FINALLY!

What happens when you unlock it is honestly glorious. I could have ran laps around my living room I was so happy. I’ve been posting all of my theories over on another site but wanted to share on the official forums.

Proof of unlock here, you can see it’s now at 0.1% also! :smiley:


If you did, you surely are the first one I believe. Very good job Andy!


Care to share how we can get it? :slight_smile:


I’m recording a capture now! Will type up the explanation real soon. It’s something the easter egg topic will love too!


You should charge money for it :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome work!

How many hours in total did it take you to figure it out? Because this one seemed like one of the tougher nuts to crack.


Awesome. Congratulations. I have been waiting excitedly for someone to figure that one out :smiley:

Your twitter handle is oddly appropriate as well :slight_smile:


‘Release the Pink Army’ Solution!

  • First things first - set yourself to casual difficulty. This one’s messy and you’re going to throw stealth out the window.
  • Start with the ‘Mascot Outfit - Stands’ for appropriate flamingo themed shenanigans. You need to wear the mascot outfit and this is the easiest way!
  • Onto the trophy - First, head towards the souvenir stands. Ignore the shiny flamingo one, it’s a red herring! Instead go to the ‘Thwack’ stand and pick up the picture of a Flamingo on the table.
  • Picture in hand, find yourself a Flamingo Mascot to kidnap. You can either choose the one that roams the Miami stands or the blackmailer that wants to put Knox in a world of hurt. Would recommend the blackmail flamingo for speed and proximity to where we’re going, which is the Miami Bayside Center Expo.
  • Make sure you only knock them out, as we’ll need them alive for now.
  • Unless you want to be particularly sneaky, shoot down all opposition and drag our unconscious feathered friend to the front door of the building.
  • Take a right and drag him upstairs, you’re heading towards the PALLAS test-fire room.
  • Once inside, drag the unconscious mascot in the firing line of the PALLAS AI.
  • Scan the flamingo photo you picked up from the stand earlier!
  • Watch as AI attacks our helpless friend and then… amazing things happen.

Congratulations, the trophy is yours! Go get it and enjoy hunting in Miami!


Haha, thank you Bjarne! This is the most fun I’ve had with a trophy ever!

All my friends and colleagues knew this would be a thing once I’d told them I’d set my mind to a bird related achievement. I was absolutely relentless :joy:

@Pacifist_47 Man, it took me hours. I tried a ridiculous number of things. Everything from shooting every pane of glass and letter of the neon sign of the flamingo hotel, to detonating cars above the underpass where the flamingo murals are.

The one thing that tripped me up was it felt intuitive to put myself in front of PALLAS and scan the photo, but nothing happened. It was a little while later that I realised the general disguise also didn’t trigger the fire sequence when 47 wore it, and became increasingly suspicious of the photo. If the player can’t trigger it, that meant only one thing… :smiley:


Awesome dude, congrats!


Very clever deduction, and congrats on being the first to figure it out!


Has anyone figured out how to become Sheik Zanzibar and/or get the blowcaine from the Delgado without ruining your cover? I have tried about 100 things. Whenever a coin is thrown they both go to see what it is, and their conversation must be glitched bc it just repeats forever.


I think if they have not changed the level, one must turn on the vacuum cleaner in the back of the first floor of the paddock.


Thank you… I woulda spent hours more figuring out how to turn on the upstairs hoover.


No, I’m looking around there and can’t find any sort of computer to interact with.

Once past the bar section, there’s a press room. And beyond that is security. But there’s no computers anywhere to use.


You will notice a laptop on the table that looks the same as the one in the challenge image. You have to enter a door.