Official Miami Trophies and Challenges Help [SPOILERS]


K. I’ll check again. Maybe I just missed the door. :stuck_out_tongue:
Yup. Missed that damn door. lol


The computer is located in the Knox building. On the floor where the party is going on… there is a room which is the race directors office; in this room you’ll find a laptop where you can use the dongle. IMO this doesn’t add a lot to the storyline because when you use the dongle you just end the race and that’s it.


Yeah thanks for that. I couldn’t find it before because the race was already over and I forgot to look while the race was still active.

Even though Rutter has the dongle on him there is no indication that you can make him stop the race or he would do it of his own accord or that he has an accomplice. He clearly doesn’t want Sierra to win the race. A missed opportunity to flesh that part of the story out.

I was also disappointed he doesn’t take the briefcase in his office with him.

Not sure if this is commonly known but I found out you can make the Florida man go to his stall. Doesn’t change much but dress up as a food vendor and approach him with sugar in your inventory.


Anybody help me out on where the cocaine brick is in Miami?

Also am I the only person whose North is inverted on the mini-map?


The cocaine brick is on a person who’s talking to the Sheik up in the hangout area where the Sheik is. Forgot the name of it. Give him a good slap.


Thanks man

Bunch of 20s


What are these “Duels” Challenges for Miami?
Is this Ghost Mode?


Interestingly enough, the man talking to the Sheik is Hector Delgado, who evidently appears in the following mission


No, it is killing me that North isn’t at the top of the map.


I came here today in search of the same answer.


I think I’ll try the same but with a brick of cocaine. Hahaha. :stuck_out_tongue:


I just completed the tree falls in the apple challenge, as well as “the message”. Now that I unlocked it I can see their description. I don’t get the one for “the message”. It says something about NOT pushing Robert Knox. What’s that all about?


No it’s just flavor text paraphrasing lyrics from the song “Message” by Grandmaster Flash.

You are supposed to push Robert. :slight_smile:


Credit to Martinoz
"I was slapping NPC with a fish when exiting the scene to unlock the Challenge and suddenly I saw that the fountain acted weird with fish in my hands.


Ok, where are the stupid sea weapons. I have one of 2 but don’t even know which I have found. Is the fish one?


I believe Jir may be trying to kill Robert with the shark in the aquarium.

If so, this was what I did:
I used the car as mentioned to make him come down to the first level, but didn’t trigger the explosion. I stayed in the car, and assisted with the troubleshooting. Once the car was repaired, Robert and his guard started walking back up. I followed them, and subdued both of them with blunt weapons. I then dragged Robert’s body to the aquarium via the side door (the stairs they were using to go up were connected to a side door in the aquarium), to under the shark. I shot the shark, and it dropped to kill Robert.

Oh. and I did shoot the aquarium glass to pacify the two guards there (for another challenge), and dumped their bodies into the tank (for another challenge) before messing with the car.


Both the star fish and fish can be found in the aquarium. The star fish is rarer - I believe it’s found in fish tank #9 only. Shoot the tanks, and the “weapons” will drop out of it for picking up.


Anyone know where I can find lethal syringe besides the medic cabinet?


Does anyone know if the boat rental hut key exists? Just wondering because it seems like a location that should have some legal way of entering it.


On one of the security guards in the area?