Official Santa Fortuna Trophies and Challenges Help [SPOILERS]




How ribbiting.
It’s not that hard to find all this bastards, but they have trend to jump away when you approach so this is easy to miss one of them.

Here is location of all 5 frogs.

1Bridge near the construction site.

2 Bridge leading to\from the Hippo

3 Near the helicopter.

4 Bridge near the coca fields.

5 Small pond near the shaman hut.



Crouch and sneak up. They don’t move




2 challenges left, and i don’t know how to do them. Any ideas ?

  1. Plain Sailing. Where is the key from the boat ?
  2. The Hero of Santa-Fortuna. How to demonstrate the repaired submarine to Rico, without killing him ? I mean, i already did this, but after hes screaming if i move everyone on location become hostile.


For Plain Sailing the key is on the nightstand in Rico’s Bedroom, where there is a tiger rug.


Thanks! There is a maid there, and I have always bypassed her. :sweat_smile:


Anyone else having trouble with “The Hero Of Santa Fortuna”? How to fix the submarine?


Cannot confirm but I heard you just do the demo as if you would kill him but trigger it early so he doesnt die.


The tattoo story doesn’t register for me. I get the challenge for the mission story that completed but the mission story itself doesn’t get checked.


You get all the way through where no one is in the room and just leave?


Yes, waited for all the conversations playing out and until I even no longer had the option to work on the tattoo. Kill was the only option left to me, after which I got the cinematic.


On my attempt after I left he checked the tattoo in the bathroom


Have anyone found the secret tunnel?



Found the secret tunnel and the golden statue required to open it, however I had to resort to YouTube for the method of getting across to the knife as I kept getting arrowed and gave up!


Tried that, didn’t worked…do you know if you have to do that challenge in a particular order? Do you have to deliver the mini bus fixed with glue as the hippie, or just fixed?


I have 55 out of 56 discovered location in Santa Fortuna, the secret tunnel included, and I have been all over the map. Anyone have any idea what place I am missing? I’m always so paranoid about things being bugs.


Go into every room at the mansion. My last location was inside the shaman’s shack