Official Santa Fortuna Trophies and Challenges Help [SPOILERS]


I have 55 out of 56 discovered location in Santa Fortuna, the secret tunnel included, and I have been all over the map. Anyone have any idea what place I am missing? I’m always so paranoid about things being bugs.


Go into every room at the mansion. My last location was inside the shaman’s shack


Unexplored locations show up your your main map as little white arrow pips. You can just open it up and scroll through the various floors to see what you are missing.

But note that there’s a bug where if you discover a place for the first time in contract creation mode (and maybe other secondary modes?) then it won’t count toward your total and you can’t rediscover it. So if that’s true for you, you might have to wait for a patch.


I’m only missing the hero of Santa Fortuna challenge. Can’t get it to unlock for some reason. I’m doing everything on the list


Nope. I’m with you.


There must be a step I’m missing. In the picture he’s in his suit standing where the statue is suppose to be.


Having same problems as you guys, with Hero of Santa Fortuna.

@Quine Thanks a lot. For some reason I hadn’t explored “Auto Repair” which is right behind 47 to the right at default starting location. I have been there before, but the challenge didn’t trigger unless you were behind the Tuk Tuk truck. Hate stuff like that.


So I’m trying to do the whole statue thing. I went up, loosened the statue. Then went and found the two band members. I got the outfit from the dead drummer.

I’m not sitting on stage, with the game still telling me to “wait for the rest of the band”. And nothing seems to be happening.
None of the targets are heading over or anything.

If I get up, I get the woman eventually come over to yell at me to get back on stage. That’s about it. Seems bugged.


There’s three band members + 47. Drummer, Synth, Bass, and the Guiro. There’s one more you need to find.


So I found a sleeping guy near the start, where you turn on a tap to wake him up.
A guy resting on a generator, which I turned on to get him to get up.

Where’s the last guy?


Is the drummer dead, or just so zonked out that he can’t be woken up? The flies might suggest dead, but I dunno. I wonder whether he’s a possible target in contracts.

The guy you’re missing is napping on a bench right near the town square. Kinda between the plaza and Andrea’s house.


Diana mentioned that he died from a heart-attack, but not sure the cause of it.


Huh! I’ve never gotten that line from Diana. Weird.


I can’t seem to find anyone that looks like a band member napping on a bench.


There are 3 band members to find



Nope, he’s not there. Any idea where he might wander to?


Haha, he might have fallen asleep elsewhere, didn’t want to be a part of this game anymore :smile:. If you look at the stage, which musician is missing? Are you sure it’s him? The guy on the bench can get woken by Andrea if 47 is nearby as a trigger if I remember correctly. Maybe the game has bugged for you. It’s fairly easy to restart the game and do it quick if that’s the case.


Might be a timed thing. I’ve been taking my time exploring the map and getting costumes. As well as saving, getting a kill and loading. Just to knock as many things out as possible.
I was trying to get that hero of the town or whatever, for doing all the little missions.


I’ve seen all the musicians at the bar after the show