Official Santa Fortuna Trophies and Challenges Help [SPOILERS]


This must be a bug or something forgotten. You can’t end the demonstration without killing him, or having him yelling at you and going crazy.


Its also worth mentioning that if you are near Andrea when she walks by the sleeping musician closest to her compound , she will wake them up on her own and they will make their way to the stage. This only seems to trigger if 47 is within earshot, though.


Yes. Or maybe procedure in the description is not correct :roll_eyes:


I read that @Franz above had problems with getting the tattoo story to complete, and I seem to have the same problem, if that’s the case, I know at least one reason why I can’t complete the Hero of Santa Fortuna. Rico is also very buggy in that mission, when he goes to toilet he makes 180 turns, and sometimes flies off to another dimension. And he’s telling you that you should seek yourself out, but if you go before him out the door he gets suspicious of you, and all the other guards standing outside.


Can someone help me with “The Hero Of Santa Fortuna” i did everything but i didn’t get it.

Do you have to do in that exactly order as is shown?

What happens if you stand up and leave during the statue ceremony? Does it counts?

Do you have to deliver the Cocaine School Bus, or just fix it with glue?

Does being spotted affects the challenge?

Any kind of info will be appreciated


I feel like I’ve opened all the hidden doors but the trophy is not popping up. Are there ones I’m missing outside of the bar basement and car area in Rico’s mansion


Hidden door in temple.


When it comes to these mission stories, I’m afraid the only way to make sure you complete them is to turn on « mission stories » and follow Diana’s handholding to the letter. Where it went wrong for me in the tattoo artist is that I apparently took a second to long following Catalina to Rico’s desk. I couldn’t stand near the door of the office or the window of opportunity would pass.
My recommendation is to play without mission story guidelines and figure out the gist of them yourself. When you did, but you find you didn’t get the story completion anyway, turn on Diana as a method of last resort. She will simply give you the solution and step by step process you seek.
I have the feeling many of these stories and especially the challenges related to them are broken in that they are extremely strict and linear. Doesn’t mesh well with a game like Hitman that’s all about freedom. You have to stand close to the desk and not close to the door! Talk about freedom :-p


LoL, thanks for the tip, I will give it a try.


For Hero of Santa Fortuna you can be spotted, you do not have to deliver the cocaine souvenir, and you should sit through the entire statue ceremony (you’ll know when the ceremony is over when Delgado asks the band for a short encore after which you will stand back up on your own). For the tattoo, after you get in the mansion, follow the wife closely so she says all her dialogue and takes her damned selfie. After you finish with the tattoo (which takes a while) follow Delgado into the bathroom when he goes to look at his tattoo (you may have to wait 30 seconds or so, but he will eventually commend you on your work and tell you to see yourself out). Also, do the submarine demo last, the challenge should pop as soon as Delgado gets his first look at the sub, not afterwards when he continuously asks you to rev it up. Probably the most convoluted challenge yet, good luck.


Haha thank you so much sir.

I stand up during the freaking statue ceremony lol, i think there is when i fucked up


So you shouldn’t press “leave” when doing the tattoo? It took so long time that I thought you had no other choice then to press leave to trigger the ending of the tattoo. I tried to do the challenge again before but I didn’t get it. So tired of it. Also, who are you supposed to feed the hippo with in that challenge, is it ok with some random corpse?


I tried everything again, didn’t get it :frowning:
wtf man, lol

I feed the Hypo with the Meat bone. I didn’t wait for the tattoo tho…oh, that might be it…damn it

Im gonna try again and make a video about it if i get it right


Have anyone else noticed this umbrella? And if you shoot it there’s a mysterious melody playing. Surely there has to be something more to this.


“The Hero Of Santa Fortuna” Guide


Can confirm that this works. Excellent work PEA, thank you.


Ha no problem man! Thanks :slight_smile:


Where is the key to the motorcycle exit on Santa Fortuna?


Found it. With the guy near the motorcycle


After shooting the umbrella it appears near a boat to the right of the boathouse. But I can’t interact with it after that. Wonder if there are more to shoot down (or other non-umbrella objects on the far shore).

I also wondered if this could have something to do with the various ‘lean’ spots in this level, since those don’t seem to serve a purpose (?)