Official Santa Fortuna Trophies and Challenges Help [SPOILERS]


There’s also another scooter key in a locked shed in the construction site.


It has to be something, easteregg or whatever, or maybe they just forgot about it? Seems odd. Maybe we should look for more umbrellas in the distance. What’s the achievements for this level?


I found another “thing”. Near the shaman’s cooking pot there’s a place to look out into a vista. There is something to shoot there (it shows up in instinct, and looks like a white duck figurine or something). It explodes when shot, but I couldn’t notice any other effect of doing so.

Looking at Steam achievements I didn’t notice any that seemed to be related to a Santa Fortuna easter egg. So maybe it is something that was removed or will be added later.


Great find, I will look into it. I think we are on to something definitely.


Yep like those exploding Mini-Ninjas from Hokkaido. So a sequence is involved somehow if that is the case.


I fed Rico Delgado to his hippo, but the Three Course Meal challenge wants me to feed all three targets to the hippo. Is there a way to lead them there (I’m guessing, by letting Rico carry on for a while instead of killing him right away?)


I just got them as close as I could (using the shaman and hippie mission stories) then dragged their unconscious bodies to Mijo.


Not really sure if you can get all of them there. As far as I know you can only get Rico there by either take the trainers disguise or throw a meat-bone into the pit and he will go and get Rico. To get the others there you can for example take Shamans outfit and subdue Andrea on the way to the construction site, hide her in the bushes and kill everyone in the construction site, and drag her through the cave all the way to the pit. And to get Franco there you can fix his machine, drag his body through the window and through the gate that connects the mansion to his place, and drag Franco all the way along the backside of the mansion, and then down to the pit. It’s actually really cool to drag Franco that way when all the guards is walking above, lol.


Here’s a quick and dirty map of the tiles in the arrow room. Took me LOT of trial and error



Thank you! I was able to find 4, but could never locate the fifth one!


Any help on emetic poison location for master mode? Don’t care if it’s rat poison or a flower.

Can’t find a good way to snipe Martines without freaking everybody out, so I’m gonna ice her in the bathroom like an OG


Since there is an elusive coming, could someone please tell me where the security rooms with evidence are on the map?


There is a camera bay in The Vanisher’s room in the Delgardo Basement, I think the guard safe house in the Upper Village has one (need to double-check). They are all one the same circuit thanks to paranoid Cousin Rico


There is one at Andrea’s office, the second one that you refered to ?

Also, has anyone found the golden Uwa statue ? Big mystery so far ! :thinking:


Where the heck is Andrea’s package? Do I need to follow her route precisely to find it?


The package is in a safe in the Vanisher’s Room in the Delgado basement. Code is on a desk near the safe.


Ugh, thanks!

That makes sense! I spent like 30 minutes at the delgado’s place, but there was a door to the basement (I think, it went down), and it was behind a key card. I’ve been down there before I think, but I don’t remember how I got there. Probably the caves or something. Thanks so much!

Okay, now my goal is to never look anything up or ask for help again :smile: You can do it, 47! Don’t be a dumb bell!


The secret in the ancient temple… Obviously something needs to be placed in the slot. I checked for a video on it, but didn’t want anything spoiled (was wanting more of a vague hint) but seen the 1st step, then immediately quit watching. So, I went ahead and tried it and I was happy (in a way) to find that it wasn’t working. Then I had an idea! And I was right. :grin:

Now to figure out the path on the tiles. Yeah, I seen the post above, but I didn’t click on it to reveal the spoiler. I’m going to try something… It’s a bit (what one might call) “weird”. Let me tell you a story…

Back oh so many years ago, I was playing Tomb Raider III on PS. In one level you have an area of quicksand or something… You needed to jump to the right spots to not die or get stuck and start over (I never failed this so I don’t know what would happen). The thing is, there was a cut-scene just before this where the guy gave you a map, but I never realized this, and never looked at the map!

How did I find my way? I used a divination pendulum, asking (it) where to jump next. :laughing:

So I’m going to make an 11 x 5 map and see if I can still get the same results. Then I’ll check it against the map that was posted above. Or wait till I get back home, then try it to see if I don’t die,


Someone knows if you can get the Golden Idol without KOing the owner for the keys?


I tried picking the lock on the door, breaching it with a breaching charge, explosives and firearms as well as opening it with a crowbar, the Idol always disappeared. Unless there’s a second set of keys hidden somewhere, I don’t think it’s possible.