Official Thailand/Bangkok Guides & Help Thread [SPOILERS]


The shrines are reskinned toilets, you need to get the NPC to face the shrine :confused:


I’ve got him to get right next to it with the mixtape distraction in the fountain. I have a save here so I’m gonna move the location a bit while he’s in his room to try to get him to line up.


Officially drowned both primary targets in their respective shrine fountain. No challenge = (. Could possibly be because I reloaded the save several times to get Cross into his fountain, and reloads sometimes bug out the challenge.

Edit: For the record, I drowned the lawyer as a hotel staff, and Cross as a bodyguard.


Telling people what to try without trying stuff yourself must be fun


How did you get the gold coins


No NPC interaction/manipulation/participation is required to unlock “Tuppence a Wish”.

How to do Tuppence a Wish?
How to do Tuppence a Wish?

I’ve read on another thread that 47 talks to the target as he kills them like a cutscene? I did the opportunity in Jordans room and 47 didn’t say anything. Any ideas?


Can’t open the video. What’s in it


Did you sit in the chair? Did you click shoot straight away? If you did don’t let him speak then click shoot.


Thanks Bro, I skipped it just as 47 starts talking. Do you need to be in his suit? because I want to see it for myself. Oh and could you post about pushing cross through the window? Does 47 talk to Jordan before he smothers him in Bday cake? Thanks again


Thanks bud. I was scared he’d just go nuts and run away so I shot him


So tuppance a wish has still not been solved :sob: the wait continues.


Please anyone that has the power to ask another tip, ask one. It’s going to get frutasted to me.


God I wish I could see IO’s reaction to some of these ideas on how to complete Tuppence. I bet they’re having a right laugh at our expense.

I wonder if anyone has figured out yet - including people that aren’t on here or other similar sites…


While we are almost having good a cried.


While we are crying. (Auto correct)


Is it something to do with the birthday cake as well as the fountain??? Has anyone tried throwing all 14 coins in the fountain?


there is one more fountain at yard around who makes yoga. any one tried?


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Oh, and for anyone wondering if the challenge is bugged: