Official USA/Colorado Guides & Help Thread [SPOILERS]

Just had an idea. If you follow the big water pipe on the ceiling that connects to the hostage room outside to where it looks like it’s heading. You get to that small well outside the house. Maybe there’s something that can go in there?

She come to check bodys around car after you kill all guards around this place.

I doubt it It isn’t above him or anything and its water so its not like an explosion would kill him would it? I just want to know what the two ways @Morten_IOI said are its actually really pissing me off :joy:.

I put C4 on the window ledge and it worked but killed me too as it was stronger than expected haha.

thats not natural…
what i mean is talking script between 47 disguised as mechanic and pavarati

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Anyone else on PS4 tried the Mercenary yet? He is not hard to kill, but to SA and to get the hay bale kill - HOLY SHIT! He has a squad of four with him and all five of them are Super Enforcers. If you get within like 500 feet of him (guessing) all five of them start to actively hunt you. This is definitely the most challenging Sarajevo Six mission to date.


yeah we been talking about it over here:

Let me know if you find out anything. I am really interested in cracking this challenge open.

Thanks, I was looking for a thread

Any ideas? :slight_smile:

I’ll throw some nitroglycerin around, at the perimeter.

How do you kill Ezra with the lawn mower?

Cause a leak; it’s in the front yard of the house. Ezra will eventually go up to it and smoke.

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How to unlock ‘Giddy up’ achievement?

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We knew it already…

I was referring to:

No one knows. At least no one here. The Steam global achievement is still sitting at 0%.

Someone has the Giddy Up achievement :slight_smile:

Someone needs to tell us what the Giddy Up achievement is.

Damn, he had to be offline too.

Thanks thanks. I was thinking there was a way to run him over with it or something.

He’s done nothing lol. It might be a dev to check if it actually works.