Official USA/Colorado Guides & Help Thread [SPOILERS]


Best Level Exit so far :smile:


Also, this episode so freaky! Now I’m afraid for the last episode :anguished:


Can confirm. Got the challenge :+1:


I can’t believe how close I was on the day on release. No wonder they were laughing at me :joy:




This is done in Episode 5: Colorado, USA. You will need to distract the leading soldier in the backyard area. Easiest way to do this is to obtain a hacker disguise (you can spawn in as a hacker at mastery level 18). Next, use the apricot in the backyard to distract the leading soldier and then turn on the radio in the backyard to cause the other soldiers to start dancing.

Here is a video guide with English commentary for this achievement!

Here is a playlist of guides for this game!


thank you everyone, you’ve done a great job.


You can use my axe-launching video as a guide HUEHEUHEUEHEUHUEHE


That…what you do with axe… :fearful:


Thanks :slight_smile:


That one not so easy to repeat :smiley:


Yeah, I was just joking hueheuehuheuhue, Mr. Freeze’s video is definitely better for this thread.



Last I checked I was #1 in level 5 PS4… (no YouTube video at the time. I believe second-place was 13 minutes at the time.) Still can’t get the haymaker challenge for PS4, although I dropped it on him three times.
These pics and ambiguity is starting to piss me off.
It seems as if they want to keep our minds off of the fact that we cleared it and dissected this map within three days. That size too…(way to small) ( maybe not small but not dimensional) This game won’t be a complete game until the end of the season two. ( for a ton of obvious reasons. Obviously not the fact that it won’t all be out until then…)


So, is that possible to push Ezra Berg’s body to slurry pit without killing everyone on the level?


Why everyone ? Only guys who walk outside the base. From lab to pit.


you can drag the body from the lab to the pit without problem…
you have to pacify several people along the way, but it’s possible. I’ve done it.


Yeah, done that.
I dragged him thru the shooting range.


Well I’m dissapointed. A* for creativity hitman…


I’ve only just started playing through Colorado (currently mastery level 11 after two complete runs), but I thought that I share my first suit only run.

It has lots of place where you will get caught by random nonsense, but if you’re looking for a fairly easy way to get suit only, and you use lots of saves, then I think it’s fairly easy to reproduce.

Time to do more exploring and unlock some of those interesting looking challenges now… :sunglasses:


My SA, SO, Fiber Wire only, No HUD, 2 Knockouts only run.

PS: This was a tough one! I haven’t yet found a way to do a suit only, fiber wire only run, without knockouts.