Official USA/Colorado Guides & Help Thread [SPOILERS]


Congratulations! Hope you soon achieve perfection through the 47 ways.


@05prash05 or in 0047 ways


nice job ! i hope you like mine !


Don’t start with that, please. Already enough with the tuxedo from Paris.


Thanks guys!

@Pagan, nice job! I had already checked out your run earlier, and replied to your video in YT. :slight_smile:
Were you able to find a way to do this mission without KOs for a suit only, fiber wire only run? I think it’d be possible for an accidents run though.


What does turning off valve in bathroom do actually?


Trigger his OCD


It turns off the water supply to the wash-basin. In the video, I thought the basin was still overflowing and did it unintentionally. It was unnecessary. :wink:


You don’t say? :open_mouth: :wink:


thank for watch and comment :slight_smile:

you can do suit only/ no ko;

kill maya = hay stack fall onto her
kill sean = drop chandelier in the house
kill penelope = she is alone when looking clock in the house. or syringe
kill reza = you can kill with syringe, or kill like my strat.

no ko looks not hard. but fiber wire only and no ko with suit. fucking hard :slight_smile:


I have managed to kill all three except maya, with fiber wire & NO KO, their timing also align perfectly for speed run.
The problem is taking down maya without KO and with fiberwire is difficult, not impossible.
I will upload my video when I do it NO KO, fiber wire only.
Its totally doable, but …


Cool! How did you manage Sean without knocking out his bodyguard?
It’s possible to take out Maya using fiber wire, without subduing the lone guard, but very difficult to pull off with random stuff happening. Totally not worth risking it when doing a no reloads run.


When sean is in bathroom you can take him out easily.


I garroted Maya as she went to vomit :smiley: ezpz

Also Sean can easily be killed when looking at the grandfather clock. His guard goes to Sean’s room prematurely so you should be able to kill the target with nobody seeing.


Nice! Didn’t know that.

When doing my run, his guard was always right behind him, including the part where he looks at the grandfather clock. That’s why I had to take him out. How do you separate their paths?


Did you garrote her outside or inside?


Outside. On the way to the slurry pit she walks through an area where nobody will see her die :smiley:

@05prash05 not sure. In one of my previous (not suit only) runs his guard left early. Maybe it was a bug?


hahahaha sometimes is wonder what’s going on inside the head of the workers at IO-I :joy:.

Only two challenges remaining, Silent Assassin,Suit Only and Haymaker.


What about one guards who constantly takes piss and drinks water near pit.
And two guards on the other side?
Do you have any video?


I don’t have a video. I could probably produce one?

Although it’s fairly simple to identify, tbh.

And no, nobody sees.