Official USA/Colorado Guides & Help Thread [SPOILERS]


How do you do this? I didn’t know you could talk to any of the targets in this level.


You know, I’m tempted to make the best version of this screenshot ever, if I can one one trick.


The technicians by the scarecrow have a conversation that reveals this.

Sean Rose has asked one of them to pretend to be an interpol agent in order to see if Graves is loyal. If you get the fake interpol badge one of the guys has you can be the one pretending to be with interpol and talk to Graves and meet her by the pond/slurry pit.

As an extra layer to this you can also

Go talk to Sean Rose afterwards and he’ll go meet with Graves by the slurry pit. This part is hard to time though, since she’ll leave if left alone too long.


You are talking about doing it with suit only right? We were disvussing suit only, NO KO.


Yep. It’s how I got her during my String Quartet SASO run.


What is your route to garrote her after poisoning her drink. What path you follow.


Sorry, but why nobody asked about this feat? I don’t find any question about “Lending a hand” or “hitman colorado mannequin arm” anywhere in internet. I became thinking I’m mad or something.


Have you done it? If not:

The arm in is the attic of the barn where the hay bale is, where the two spec ops soldier is, on a bed


While I was writing this, 15 minutes ago someone added video :slight_smile:



I did it in Point Man disguise but it works the same with suit.

Garrote her here

Drag her body down there

Dump her there


Remember how I told you guys i would take the best screenshot of this scene?

Here you go


You get my vote nice!


hahaha it has to be the Hitman picture of the year, it’s absolute breathtaking, well done, if i could give you 10 likes i would.


Sorry for asking this as I know someone has already but I can’t find the post anywhere:

Where can I obtain a crowbar, aside from the 2 inside the red barn? It’s for the sake of suit only runs where I’d rather not waste an item slot on the lockpick.


Hi. I’m new here but I’ve been following you guys for awhile now over the course of the first season and would like to start aiding to solve these more difficult feats.

Some things worth mentioning are that there 2 radios that play non stop country, the one by the soldiers doing push-ups in the back and one by the hay bails in the explosive/demolition area.
Also there is a cowboy bust in the farmhouse in the room just off the kitchen with the closed French doors by the fan and cots. If I recall correctly I’ve read here that there is a bust being used as a hood ornament being referred to the second bust? (So is there 3 cowboy busts with the one in roses room?)

Hope I can help.
Happy hunting.


In French


Should have for a hint


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Is it just me or do the guys dancing during Giddy Up do it like they’re playing DDR?