Official USA/Colorado Guides & Help Thread [SPOILERS]


Yeah he is pretty amusing if you sit and watch him fool around.


Don’t forget that he is also taking selfies.


Yeah! I mean “wearing sunglasses”!!! :smiley:


I have tried several times now to sit down on the sofa and play the Kane and Lynch game but I don’t get a prompt. I was dressed as the hacker, I have tried killing them both then trying to sit and trying to sit while they are both on the sofa and even luring just one away with the monkey but no luck.


I’ve managed to do a runthrough of this level in the relatively realistic style that I like. Basically I am completely against throwing objects and coins to distract people and feel like it looks like something from a Monthy Python film. No offence to anyone who uses distractions like this as I’ve seen some brilliant playthroughs using them but I prefer to use only the ''natural distractions" available in the level and like to play as realistically and cinematically as possible strolling through the level at walking pace.

This was very hard on this level as you are on enemy ground from your first step so running makes sense and is the only option really. I wanted to finish the level in the default gear too. I had to knockout a lot of people to achieve this based on the way I like to play. I like the way the level flows too because if you time it just right you can kill all of the targets in some poetic and relevant positions - Parvarti as shes doing her training, Berg as he’s inspecting his poisons, Rose as he’s washing his hands and Graves just after she has figured out the Shadow Client’s plan. Whether IO even planned for it to play out in this way is beyond me but who knows. So here is my run - SA/SO/Fibre Wire Only/Default Gear Only/No coins or thrown distractions/Huge number of KO’s ha:-

On another note does anyone else hate the way guns fall from bodies when you knockout or kill someone? In my opinion they should stay attached like outfits unless the npc is actually using them when you kill/ko them. 47 could then just take them from the body. Tidying up guns is so tedious but it looks stupid and unrealistic when an npc spots them and panics, especially in a level like this.


I don’t remember exactly, but I think if you are dressed up as the guard, you get the option to sit down on the sofa and play the game.

EDIT: Got the above wrong. If you are dressed as a hacker, and your status is not “Too suspicious”, you get the option to “Blend In” and then play the video game.


A fellow role-player! :slight_smile:
This was a very tough mission to pull off a “realistic” run owing to the infiltration nature. Have you done similar runs for previous missions? Many of them are entirely possible without one distraction or KO.


Yeah. Knives and screwdrivers that you throw at guys stay stuck in their heads as you drag them, so the tech is definitely there. Guns would have to fall out of their pockets and onto the floor if you dumped the body in a closet though (like head-screwdrivers do).


As @05prash05 said, you need to be disguised as a hacker and I believe that the status must be normal. If it says Searching or Compromised on your minimap then the option to “Blend in as Hacker” won’t be available. If you subdued someone in the house and they saw you then you will be compromised. Use instinct and if an unconscious NPC is yellow then you’ll need to kill them to clear your compromised status.


Ok thanks guys I will try again.


Just start as hacker, walk in and shoot everyone in the room. Put bodies and closet and play the game.

If you down them fast enough no one will call for help or get a shot off. The people across the will not hear your silenced pistol or smell the gunpowder. Youre all set.


Is there any way to get the Cook costume without getting caught in the act?

Is it useful? I mean can the cook travel freely across the map?


I don’t know hot to get it, but have you considered using the emetic poison syringe?


Didn’t even think to take that outfit.

If I had to guess it’s probably like the basic miltia outfit-so no house-no barn-and no explosives area.

But you can poison food and no one cares I guess.


I was hoping he was the master costume. This level doesn’t really have one and if I remember right it was the bartender in the motorcycle one from contracts. Everyone loves the guy who gives you booze, and men at arms all love the cook.


welp if no one else gets to it before me I’d be happy to test it out and report the results.

getting off work here shortly anyway.

I agree level needs a master costume. Was really hoping the Ezra guy would be it


The master costume doesn’t even have to be all powerful, but most places would be cool. The Shiek I think was perfect. He could basically go anywhere but not the atttik

I gave up trying bc I have things to do @Drebin the throw up needle suggested by @scm97tl seems to working. I just didn’t have the timing down. There is a guard you must take out also. I nearly had it once but then I got greedy and tried to hide the other guard. I should have just walked away and let him be found eventually.


Yeah he is in a pretty highly populated area, good luck with that haha.


The cook is basically the same as the regular militia guys except that nobody gets suspicions of him if he poisons food.

I don’t mind that there’s no master disguises. I don’t like the idea of having one perfect disguise that allows you access to everything. Taking Ezra’s outfit and mask would’ve been nice, though.


It is as I suspected and pitman said. You can’t go in the restricted areas, it is basic militia plus poison abilities and no enforcers.

It has its uses but not what I am looking for.