Official USA/Colorado Guides & Help Thread [SPOILERS]


That is not lazy:/ Its because people are retards


Why? I looked for a contract for the Seven Years of Bad Luck, i found one, but the contract was faulty, it didn’t registre the kill condition, so after the contract was done it said 0 in objectives completed and the reward for Master Fortune Teller challenge didn’t unlock, so i wasted my time with that contract, had to make me one myself and do it all over again, so to avoid that in the future it’s easier for me to make my own contracts, because i know it will work :smiley:.


Respect for admitting that. :slight_smile:

Before IO-I added a search function it was actually a good thing that there always was a Challenge based Contract on the first page so that you didn’t have to look through twenty pages or create on yourself.

Now we finally got a search function and you can easily find the Contracts you need for the Challenges. Yet for some reason their are more of them than ever before.


Do you have the challenge that you have to bale 4 targets? I did make one because other ones were harder for me:/


Me? I have the challenge done, i found a easy contract already made, i don’t remember the name or number.


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hahaha okay :stuck_out_tongue:[quote=“Tuppe, post:811, topic:10866”]
I did make one because other ones were harder for me:/

Maybe i played your contract?


Are you on ps4?
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Yes i’m playing on PS4 :smiley:.

Same as here ingrobny.

No i don’t. :flushed:


What is your psn?:grinning: Also do you remember what gun do you have to use in that contract:)


Can you add me? My psn is Tuppe01


I’m lazy and i’m using “HFM created” contracts for challenges. I think it’s much easier that create it by myself. :smiley:

Definitely need an option to edit and delete own contracts.


I have turned off every friend thing on my PS4 :joy: i don’t play online game anymore, so i have turned everything off.


Okay😃 Its really shit that you need psn plus to play Co-Op games😐


Agree, and for me at least playstation plus is not worth it, when i comes to free games and stuff, i play only AAA games and those are never free for + subscribers, Sony saw they could earn more money by pushing online gaming over to playstation + subscription.

I had + for a whole year, i never played anything from the free stuff, i got some small discount on games, but that was about it.


Its really awesome that you dont need psn plus to play Hitman in online​:slight_smile::+1:


My “story” run.

PS: Sean Rose’s body is used on the bio-metric scanner to gain access to the tornado shelter.


This is how I did it!

SA/SO, String Quartet and Piano Man challenges included.


Nice read! :thumbsup:


Thank you!
I try to make a summary of every level I play and then how I did it! Colorado proved to need 3 posts. :smiley: