Official USA/Colorado Guides & Help Thread [SPOILERS]


Nothing special but I’ll post it here, 3 coins used and 2 subdued but started at the
southern farm perimeter and finished in 7:51 with only the fiber wire,
and all help e.g. instinct/map is off, be kind


My “Sniper Assassin” run. Jaeger 7 is used.

PS: I start at the Water Tower this time, for convenience.
All targets are eliminated within 66 seconds. The last target is taken out at 1:37 in the video.
After that, it’s the long journey to the tornado shelter, retaining the suit.


That was some impressive sharpshooting there.


Thanks! :slight_smile:
Personally, I found Sapienza to be the hardest of the lot. The “virus shot”. :wink:


Nice shooting I suck with 1x zoom :sweat_smile: I hope to god the WA2000 has 2x zoom.


Thanks! It’s really not too difficult in this mission using the Jaeger 7, as the targets literally “offer” themselves! :slight_smile:

Penelope was the most difficult in this one, as you have to take her out as soon as she opens the door, in order to avoid the alarm.


Here’s my Sniper Assassin run, finally decided to do it, it’s always fun sniping no matter what the game.



Could someone please tell me what was “the wicker man” challenge all about? I just got it and I’m pretty sure I haven’t done anything “special enough” to trigger a redacted challenge.

Better yet. Could anyone translate the name of all of the redacted challenges into spanish? This game does amazing at contextual translation, which means that literal translation may just not work here. All I know is that I got one redacted challenge to pop up but I’m not even sure on which it is on english.


You have to shoot bells in order in the scarecrow outfit so I guess it was just the game being buggy.


Was this the challenge which shows a water tower as clue?


No it was the Fire Barrel


I don’t know where but I saw in some video a part of 47’s dialogue saying something “but I always finish my contracts” to my belief it was in the Colorado level but I did not experience this line.

When does it trigger?


You’re not talking about the “a contract is a contract” line from Bangkok?


Honestly at this point I’m not sure, maybe it was a dream lol.

The opportunity you mentioned was awesome by the way!


So I just discovered this, that you can set them up to meet, I thought it was some opportunity or something, but no, they just chat, exchange some snarky comments and walk away. Weird, oh well.


20/20 all other parts of game. I only seem to be able exit the stage through basement, how do I exit all the other ways…?


Only possible in other modes like contracts and escalations (that’s a big part of the reason why Freedom Fighters sucks)


You need to play missions in Contracts mode to be able to use the other exits. Also applies to escalations and Elusive Targets.


ok, thanks people…


For the quad escape, the keys for it are at the shed close to the beginning of the mission at the main entrance. They are on a shelf. The shed is next to a parked truck.