Official Whittleton Creek Trophies and Challenges Help [SPOILERS]


How do you know the thing about the wests working for janus? I found the murder basement but I haven’t found any clues or gameplay regarding it


Janus goes over to the Wests house if his physical is done and Gunther (his personal guard, the one in the red smoking jacket) is “indisposed”


I kinda thought it was implied that Janus had West kill Schmidt by poisoning him.

They hammer Home the fact that Schmidt died from severe allergic reaction (poison) and West obviously has the murder basement. Janus and West are friends so 2+2 =4.

Unless I’m missing something in which case 2+2=5.


You are missing something 2+2 has always equalled 5. It has always been like this.


Is it implied why he wanted schmidt killed though?


There’s a conversation between Janus and West that reveals that she killed him, but Janus was not in on it, but rather she’s a psychopath. Janus responds by offering to teach her more about chemicals/poisons.


Listening to West dialogue in her basement also explains some stuff that happened between her and Schmidt


I need help for the master detective challenge and doing the rounds.

Master detective so far i have gotten cigar box, microfilm, diary, photo, DVR, letter that brings you to the robe, legal documents?

Doing the rounds - I can required amount of newspaper but is there like specific house i have to deliver to where the occupants come out and collect and do i have to wear the mailman disguise in order to complete it?


Check this. Here are all the clues


I can only find four of them: 3 on the postman and 1 by the muffin vendor. Help!


you need to deliver to any house that’s occupied or has people living there

there’s one in Cassidy’s house but you can get 4 from the mailman if you take him out first thing


I’ve looked all through Cassidy’s house and there’s nothing :frowning:


Deliver it as the mailman or any disguise will do ?


Any disguise will do


Wound up just restarting :confused: Got it done that way at least.

Now if I could just find all the pigeons :stuck_out_tongue:


ah I might be wrong then, sorry


i dont know why it isnt triggering i offer to help him take care of the package killed him took the newspaper deliver it to cassidy, wilson, Janus, Helen, and the dude house near the garbage truck it still doesnt trigger what am i doing wrong?


try ringing the doorbell… you should be able to see who collects the newspaper in the picture in picture, just deliver the ones that aren’t collected somewhere else


does those house without a listed name count and i cant get past the security to ring the doorbells without trespassing


Has anyone on PC unlocked Wet Bandit? It seems to be bugged. I’ve tried dumping both Nolan Cassidy and contract targets down multiple manholes and the challenge never pops up. There’s no indication that any other steps must be taken, and I’ve tried it with them both alive and dead and spotted and not spotted. I can’t see any reason why this wouldn’t work, but it doesn’t.