Official Whittleton Creek Trophies and Challenges Help [SPOILERS]


No pc but I can confirm for the challenge the only thing you need to do is simply dump their body there. It works on PS4.


Has anyone completed the priceless challenge? I’ve tried everything, can’t figure it out


She drops the key to the room that’s locked (or at least the house) when you pacify/eliminate her too!


Houses with active mail-getters:

The jogging woman also gets her mail as she runs by, forget which house is hers though.
West (have not personally confirmed but is widely said so)

AFAIK the Wilsons are too busy with the party to check



I couldn’t get Helen West to check her mail until the politician rang her doorbell. She ignored him and went to the mailbox. All she does is take the package inside and put it on the counter, same as Cassidy does.


Ya i tried putting in every mail box. They all just leave it on a counter inside or if it’s a house you can’t enter, they put it in the window and it disappears. No idea what it could be


Pretty sure the priceless challenge is bugged. I think it has to do with the cannabis joint, but it bugs out when you put it on the table and Batty never interacts with it due to the bug. I noticed when I placed the joint, it changes to an option of placing a meaty bone or something like that


I just got some random convo with the mailman indicating it is in fact a bomb. He says it was from Colombia, from Hector to Uncle James. I remember the mailbomb in that mission down in the basement too


I heard the mailman say it smells like coffe, betty start to talk spanish on the phone after he gets the package


gonna help the mailman by lobbing the package directly into an open manhole in front of him as soon as he gives it to me


I believe shooting the cameras on Janus and Cassidy’s house, but I for some reason only get 8 and some cameras don’t count towards the 12 needed. Anyone else destroy cameras and have them not counting?


Priceless package blows up now but still no challenge. Trying all the other methods again.


Time to waste another hour lol


Ya still nothing…


If you are playing on Master difficulty then that difficulty’s specific cameras won’t count.
Should be cameras in and around Cassidy’s house, 5 in Janus’


So has anyone figured out the priceless challenge?? I’ve tried all kinds of things. Tossed it in the laser room, nothing. Closed a garage door on it, nothing. I knocked out 20 people with it, nothing. Bombs, emp, nothing. In the lake, manhole, nothing. Delivered it to every mailbox, nothing. Maybe the joint has something to do with it but batty never smokes it. I even went back to Santa Fortuna and tossed the package from there into the hippo pit thinking it might change things for this map. Any ideas?


@RoussJ Nope, nothing so far. Still waiting for someone to crack it or IOI to confirm it’s a bug.

Has anyone thought about the challenge name in more detail? “Priceless”, what could it refer to as per you all? Maybe that could guide us somehow. But I am stumped like everyone.


@Travis_IOI @ioi_christianco @Lasse_IOI @Bjarne_IOI
Is the priceless challenge bugged or what? Doing everything to it and handing it to everyone, nothing happens.
Atleast give a small hint. I spent 4+ hrs on this single challenge. Is there something that triggers it?

Tack igen för en sjukt bra spel


In the picture the package is on the ground. Tried putting it in front of garbage truck and exiting mission but nothing. And I’ve noticed when you pacify someone with it, you always drop the package. No other item does that after pacifying someone.