Official Whittleton Creek Trophies and Challenges Help [SPOILERS]


Dont kill him before you dump him. Try dumping Janus if it doesnt work with Cassidy


Still isn’t working whatsoever


What platform are you playing on? It worked the first time for me on ps4


PS4 as well, I’ll just try it again tomorrow and hope for the best


Are you loading from a save? Sometimes a challenge don’t pop up due to a loading point. Try replay the mission and use no saves for that particular challenge. Or, do exactly what @MrFreeze2244 does here,


I’ve tried it in both the main mission and contracts, with and without saving, it just doesn’t work. The culprit seems to be that under CAREER it says I have Wet Bandit (though it never popped), but in the actual DESTINATIONS tab for Vermont and the Another Life menu itself it isn’t listed as completed. The problem is, the completion tabs definitely are tracking the non-awarded ones and saying you don’t have them!

Check to see if this also applies to you. Maybe by having Wet Bandit “unlocked” under CAREER, the game just assumes you already have it and doesn’t award it to you again?


Is priceless challenge still glitched?


Same here, the challenge wet bandit wont pop up.
For me, during the “victory” screen, i have the wet bandit challenge in color so that should mean i got it, but when i restart the mission it says i don’t have it (grey).
I tried with a dead target, an alive target. It just don’t work.
The thing is that mission have 15 discovery and 31 feats challenges but on career screen there’s only 1 discovery and 23 feats…


Which one is wet bandit?


@St4va It is bugged as per me. Tried similar things as you too.

In my case, the joint disappears as soon as I place it on the table. Plus, Batty’s loop is always him going to the side and seeming frustrated at something. As if he’s waiting for someone or something, even though he already has the package, and I tried different disguises to talk to him at that point.

Unless it’s so obscure that ALL of us are missing something, which I doubt.


No way, you are absolutely on the money, but for me when I go under career only 61 challenges appear for Whittleton Creek, meaning it is missing quite a lot which I find unusual.


Still glitched I believe.


Uh, an IOI employee did reply to this here, chill out lol Official Whittleton Creek Trophies and Challenges Help [SPOILERS]


I guess you could say that it is even more disrespectful to bash others before actually looking up if they answered or not. IOI spends hours and hours on communicating to the community while also focused on optimizing, bugfixin’ and having visits for journalists etc. The least you/we can do is doing our research before raging at them. It’s not like it’s a gamebreaking bug either lol, just a challenge that wont pop


That’s great to know! At least they are aware of it :slight_smile:


Lasse just confirmed that Priceless is bugged


Quick question: Does anything happen if you lure someone else into Mrs Wests murder basement while she’s in it ?


When is the fix for priceless challenge coming?


I’m sure @Lasse_IOI will let us know when they know, but I don’t think there’s a timeline for the fix yet.


Is (un)reasonable scope bugged too? Can’t get them to line up after eliminating the cameras? Done this on Master difficulty though.