Official Whittleton Creek Trophies and Challenges Help [SPOILERS]


I did it on professional and had no issues. Apparently master adds extra cameras, but these do not count towards eliminating cameras. Are you certain you eliminated the correct ones?


Yes. Because I did the challenge first time there.


I think it has to do with your timing. Try to vary it up a bit.


Nah it has not. Janus just never leaves the house.

EDIT: Just got it on Professional. But on master it definitely somehow got bugged.

By the way…is there a purpose for the politician disguise? Seems kinda pointless.


For me Janus was either standing behind Cassidy (so they could be sniped with one shot), or to the left of him (which made it impossible). It changed every time i loaded a save, so it could be a random element or a bug. Professional difficulty btw, so no additional cameras.


Where you toss a body into a sewer I believe.


It changed after the latest patch. Before the patch Janus and Cassidy always lined up perfectly, then they changed it for whatever reason.


If they dont line up then knock them and lay them over eachother


If you play on Professional and destroy all the cameras, they will line up in Janus’ garden.


I did the challenge before the patch on pro and they lined up for me also. Maybe they dont after the patch



West lady didn’t do work for Janus though.

When Janus goes to her house, she explains to Janus about her history and how she came to having the need/urge to kill people (starting with animals etc.). She didn’t mean to kill the guy next door, just hurt him (though she does have the urge to kill). Janus offers to help her hone her skills and to channel her “need” to kill into something… “Useful” in the future.


OK? That is not what I wrote. I just said he goes over there. Why did you even respond to that comment it was made nearly a month ago.


Just a correction for the record.

I was looking into Priceless and came across it.


OK? There was nothing to correct. Janus does in fact go to Helen’s house if Gunther is indisposed (or at least it is the most responsive trigger).


It should have been a reply to this comment instead, I thought it was the same chain of replies but is not:


Why even both correcting it? I made these comments nearly a month ago and I missed good portions of the dialogue originally. Why even respond to the comment this has nothing to do with the thread topic at all.


Why not correct it?

West very likely has nothing to do with the package intended for Batty since she did NOT work for or with Janus. So even though at this point the challenge seems to be just bugged, if there were a trigger it wouldn’t be at West’s house. I figure it’s worth correcting for the record.


Yeah and Batty does not work for Janus either. In fact if the dialogue from the Postman and Batty himself is to be believed he is a drug mule of some sort. The challenge is glitched and there is no point in trying to find a solution until the patch arrives.


Anyone still struggling with Wet Bandit, I’ve found this to work: