OLD Hitmanforum member contracts (use the new one for HITMAN 2!)

@Nakar I did not know you could kill him this way. My idea is different. :+1:

Scott’s Sixty Second Challenge

A carefully designed contract with a difference. If you’re up for the challenge, then you need to take out this target using up to five different starting locations: Garage, Greenhouse, Demolition Range, Farmhouse, and West Bridge. There is a 60 second time limit on the contract and although you can use any method, if you want to challenge yourself even further, then you must use a different kill method for each location.

Good hunting, 47.

Contract ID: 3-09-4954758-05

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HITMAN - I should buy a boat (0:46)


The Very Final Test @Urben 1:00


Hitman 2
Contract Name: GENIUS TEST 01
Contract ID: 1-01-1086215-79
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Alright, here’s a real one for H2. I was gonna do an earlier map but for some reason we ended up with this.

Crate Expectations (Sgail): 1-21-2394497-02

TARGETS: Four Custodians, all roughly in the same area.
COMPLICATIONS: No Disguise Changes, No Pacifications.

Contract contains no RNG except whatever’s inherent to distractions now. The Old Axe is always in the same crate, as is the Circumcision Knife; only the crates in the main room on the first floor are randomized.

Doctor Wars (Miami): 1-11-1592184-02

TARGETS: One doctor near the medical area at the track.

Here is my first contract in HITMAN 2.

Title: The Valiant Little Tailor
Platform: Xbox One
Contract ID: 3-13-1201707-76

I made contracts getting rid of the “clues” in Another Life and getting rid of Maelstrom in Chasing a Ghost. They are titled:

“Just Targets, No Clues :)”

“No Maelstrom :)”

The content that you want, nay, NEED!

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Made a new contract: Ninja Golf Coach. Don’t remember the ID, but it’s a 3-target PC contract.

EDIT: ID is 1-03-1435734-17.

I remade “I Hate Flowers” on Hitman 2 just to see what differences there are. Warning there’s only one breach charge unlike Hitman 1 where there are 2 breach charges. :frowning:



Just made my first contract for Hitman 2.

Name: Wraith of the Pale Rider
ID: 1-11-2980622-58
Location: Miami
Objectives:Kill all race drivers except Knox and Lee as Pale Rider with the Fiber Wire

Enjoy (or if not pls give me constructive critic)!

contract for Hitman 2
Contract ID : 1-11-4837984-93 Platform : PC
Contract ID : 1-12-0479071-93 Platform : PC
Contract ID : 1-13-4359215-93 Platform : PC

Wraith of the Pale Rider

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Aww… Iwe been thinking about this kind of contract for a long while now, but as usual for me, i have hard time getting things done, and thus you did it first. Oh well

Note we have a new thread:

Maybe we need to put this thread into purgatory, but that would be shame. I bet many want to look up something here in the future. Gonna change the title. :slight_smile:

Contract ID: 1-22-9803766-93
You will not run away from destiny
Conditions: One purpose, falling, complications!

Contract ID: 1-11-0502927-93
Life without brakes

Can we just appreciate this video for a moment by GuLe
3:30 wowed me

Btw @GuLe im searching for a video where you use the Striker in an escalation in Sapienza. Something with the bullet travel time. Do you have any idea what I mean?
Sidsel from IO talks about it here

Link to video

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Thanks m8!

I think she’s talking about this one (in Hokkaido)


Made something for myself, probably doesn’t flow too well outside of what I intend. Idk. I still like playing H16.

btw I miss you dummee, your name looks better as OP than “system”.