OLD Hitmanforum member contracts (use the new one for HITMAN 2!)


Believe it or not, I managed to make something tricky despite losing interest in S1.
Targets are in the school alley at the shooting range.

Shock Delay

ID: 1-06-6826121-67


I’m sure someone, somewhere has made this contract before but when searching the database and the forum I actually couldn’t find it. It seemed like a pretty obvious, lulzy choice for a contract.

Shotgun Wedding

ID: 3-03-9526932-61

Enjoy my Xbox fronds! @Euler13 @Euler13 @mungadungalis @The5secondrule @GKPunk @Skaven_in_box


PC ID:1-04-5196227-79


I’m flattered that you tagged me twice, but I suspect you meant to tag @Ed_ll3 with one of them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The contract idea is great, but as we continue to find out, complications don’t always work. In particular, when a definite headshot does not register as a headshot.

Yes, I know it’s more to do with the limited range of the silent shotgun, but sadly I got so weary of this happening that I began to lose patience. So although this could definitely be improved, here is an unlisted video of an un-optimised route that I was working on.

Shotgun Wedding (5:19)


Welcome Contract Pro
1-03-6179987-93 - 72Q Plague V1
1-03-2732048-93 - 72Q Plague V2


Kill Order: 3-02-1538504-88
Eliminate Mercer Givry using shotgun wearing suit


@Euler13 exactly right! I did mean to tag @Ed_ll3. Do you think it would be worth rebuilding the contract without the headshot requirement? If it’s a good idea brought down by the requirement I’d like to polish it.


It’s not for me to tell you how to make your contracts. In principle, having headshots only is a reasonable complication, but given the flaky detection mechanics it can lead to more frustration than satisfaction. It’s certainly a really good contract and in my opinion it would be better without that complication.


I know it’s not for you to tell me how to build the contract man! :smiley: But I love building contracts for this community and value your feedback. I will make a version without the headshot requirement! Thanks sir!


Contract Name: V-S-S-H-D Speedboat
Contract ID: 1-02-0903099-10
Platform: PC

This contract is for people who like to utilize patience to take out the characters with the most complex routines that are all tied to the fashion show. It has all limitations enabled for the purpose of challenge. Completing this contract is the challenge. Time is not important but I would be interested to see how fast some of the best players could complete it. All of these characters I am sure everyone is familiar with but taking them all out in the same run with fiber wire and without changing your default suit does pose a challenge especially since you cannot knock anyone out. I had fun doing it so I thought I would share.


Let’s try this again! I have removed the sticky headshot requirement but have subbed in two complications that are less prone to bugs.

A Shotgun Wedding

ID: 3-03-9361920-61


Lauzier Elimination (Paris)
ID 2-02-5965615-08


The Electronic Quartet

PC: 1-02-7611350-18


Kill_Cops 0:26 :smiley:


Hitman 2016 Contract - - PS4

Showdown at Yuki Yamazakis apartment


Hitman 2016 Contract - - PS4

The Sour Note


Hitman 2016 Contract - - PS4

Accidental Vacation

And a video displaying all the contracts I’ve made on PS4


Sake Bomb

ID: 3-10-2263606-61

Hey y’all. Here’s another one that felt like a joke that writes itself like A Shotgun Wedding. Surprisingly enough, no contract with this name and targets with these kill conditions. Xbox friends I encourage you to get on down to Flavor Town. (@Euler13, @Ed_ll3, @mungadungalis, @The5secondrule, @GKPunk, @Skaven_in_box)


Pffft. X20
I got this.


Rekky incoming.

Season 2 Incoming? For 20 chars