OLD Hitmanforum member contracts (use the new one for HITMAN 2!)


That was a brilliant run, thanks for playing! To be honest I thought of the briefing first and built up from there, I left the kill and disguise options open to allow for a variety of approaches and didn’t actually consider what would be a good method. Your route certainly seemed to work though!


i will at least put them on optional in some cases, or maybe make 2 contracts. idk.

i know you all want SA, but my reasoning was that being fingered would ruin the ‘hit’, and so i made detection force-quit; i suppose i could leave this optional, then assume that being spotted was actually canon (even tho you SA the contract) to incorporate the next hit as witnesses to the last.


Hello Agents I have 2 new contracts created and would like some feedback. Thanks!!


Holy Kill 2


TITLE : Sleiman Slayings
LOCATION : Marrakesh at Night
ID : 3-07-2165257-39

this one is tricky without a silencer, so don’t use your silencers (pistols are okay), pls. :alien:


Optional for spotted, body found, NTK is literally the live rating we’ve been asking for so long and it’s only accessible in contract mode smh.


Exactly! Having optional do not get spotted is great for experimenting!!


Not going to lie, this one may not be easy. Ok, the last guy is not going to be easy. There are some easy targets. Let’s see if you can pull that last one off. :slight_smile:

Test 3


Apartment Hits (Sapienza/Landslide)
ID 2-04-6103509-08

@CHAOS_AGENT_45 @immadummee47 @Prem_Raj @hitwoman47 @rattleshnake


Apartment Hits 2:06


Names Are For Friends…
A puzzle-ish sapienza at night contract on PS4.
Some feedback on my contract would also be appreciated!


Can you give me target locations? So I can re-create them on pc.


For Goomba Payback: Luigi is on the mansion grounds inside the fountain, Mario is in the sewers. Maria Torrenca is the “So I went to the coroner’s office” lady. Condition for Maria is any method Green plumber. Veronica is the ice cream serving lady any method red plumber. Michael inversani is the chef in the ice cream shop any method suit.


Where is she?


She is near the entrance to the morgue




She talks with the blue jacket guy


Ignore these too. :smiling_imp:

Both are in Sapienza.

Bad Influences 1

^Hard one.

The Abysmal Baptismals

^Tedious one (i.e. it sucks) if you go by the briefing and do it as intended. 2 of the kills can be done in 1 shot, but when the chance is gone, it’s gone.


Since the thread is locked now, I just wanted to let you see what I did with your contract @DaZucc
I had fun with it and did it in two different ways.
This one ended up being my final one (despite the last target and distracting the wrong npc first).

SA/SO/No KO, No FE, No Fetch Trick.


Names are for Friends 3:23

I liked this contract, challenging but still open ended to the point where I abandoned a couple completely different strategies before settling on this.